There are numerous rivers in Thedas. Rivers have played key roles in pivotal battles and other moments in history.

Known rivers Edit

Anderfels Edit

  • The Lattenfluss, which crosses several major cities including Hossberg before emptying in the Colean Sea.

Antiva Edit

Ferelden Edit

  • Drakon River, which crosses Denerim before it empties into the Amaranthine Ocean.
  • Hafter River, in the arling of Amaranthine.
  • River Dane, in northwestern Ferelden.
  • White River, in the White River bannorn.[1]

Free Marches Edit

  • Minanter River, which crosses most of the Free Marches, making them one of the most fertile regions of Thedas.

Nevarra Edit

  • River Cumber, running through the city of Cumberland.

Tevinter Edit

  • Unnamed river emptying in the Nocen Sea near Vyrantium.

Underground Edit

  • Aedros Atuna, an underground river which never sees the sun. Its clay is used by dwarven artisans for crafting.[2]

Involvement Edit

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: The Stolen Throne.

  • Battle of White River: A battle during the Fereldan Rebellion about which little is known, save that it was a devastating defeat for the rebel forces from which only fifty rebels escaped, including Bryce Cousland, Rendon Howe and Leonas Bryland.
  • Battle of River Dane: A pivotal battle in the Fereldan Rebellion in which two legions of chevaliers crossing the river were ambushed and slain, the defeat such that the Orlesian Emperor Florian abandoned his support to King Meghren as he saw little point in squandering so many resources to secure what had become an ungovernable and rebellious province.

Notes Edit

The Minanter River was referred to in ancient times as the River Pnemoix.[3]

References Edit

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