The nation of Rivain is located in the northern parts of Thedas. Its capital city is Dairsmuid, which is on in the southern end of the Rivain peninsula.


Its dark-skinned humans, the Rivaini, have a peaceful relationship with the elves. The city of Llomerryn is known to have a semi-permanent Dalish encampment on its outskirts. The qunari settlement of Kont-aar is in northern Rivain.

Unlike the majority of peoples in Thedas, the Rivaini are not Andrastians and don't believe in the Maker. Rather, they are pantheists who believe in the Natural Order. Many, especially in Kont-aar, have also converted to the Qun, as their religion and the Qun are not very contradictory. Although there are prohibitions on magic, seers are revered as a matter of tradition. These local hedge witches converse with spirits and even allow themselves to be possessed, though it is supposedly done so for the benefit of their villages.

Social standing in Rivain is often marked by tattoos and body piercings. The more elaborate one's decorations, the higher one's rank.


  • Ayesleigh
  • Dairsmuid (Capital)
  • Kont-aar
  • Llomerryn

Notable people with Rivain origins


Duncan and Isabela, two Rivaini

Behind the scenes

  • Unlike the other nations of Thedas, Rivain seems to have less of a clear real world allegory. Possible inspirations include Sicily, Greece, and Lebanon. Small nations that have been crossroads for multiple cultures in history.
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