Ritts is an Inquisition scout stationed in the Hinterlands in western Ferelden.

Involvement Edit

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Ritts can be encountered during the quest Strange Bedfellows.

Another scout asks the Inquisitor to investigate Ritts' absence. After Ritts is saved, she can be recruited as an agent for Leliana if: the Inquisitor is a dwarf, has Varric in their party, or possesses the Underworld Knowledge perk.

After Ritts's attackers have been fought off, searching the area reveals that she was with a mage tampering with blood magic, which will then allow the Inquisitor to promote her from Scout to covert Agent, where Ritts' talents would be put to better use.

Note: If the fight goes on too long Ritts will die and you will have to reload your nearest save, it is suggested not to take the path up the nearby tower but instead to walk up the hill right before it, and the tower is a long climb.
Note: If you turn in the quest and don't recruit Ritts you will lose the chance to recruit her forever as she disappears afterwards. To avoid this ensure that you have one of the recruitment requirements satisfied before approaching.

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