We aren't judges. Kinslayers, blood mages, traitors, rebels, carta thugs, common bandits: Anyone with the skill and the mettle to take up the sword against the darkspawn is welcome among us.

Riordan is a senior Grey Warden from Orlais. A native Fereldan, "born and bred" in Highever, Riordan joined the Wardens at the same time as Duncan. Having lost contact with Ferelden's Grey Wardens, Riordan was sent to Denerim to find out what had become of them -- and then was taken prisoner by Teyrn Loghain and tortured.


Riordan is first encountered in Arl Howe's dungeon. As the Warden enters the dungeon, Riordan takes advantage of the distraction this provides to snap his guard's neck through the bars of his cell. If Alistair is in the active party, he will recognize Riordan as one of the Wardens present at his Joining.

The Warden can speak briefly with Riordan, who will explain that he is a Grey Warden from Orlais who came to Ferelden to find out what happened at Ostagar. Orlais had originally sent a large contingent of Grey Wardens and chevaliers, but were turned back at the border of Ferelden. It was decided that a single person would make it into the country more easily than a group, and Riordan was sent because of his familiarity with Ferelden. However, he was captured, imprisoned and tortured.

Riordan will then leave, saying he would not be helpful in his current condition. He can be found afterwards in Arl Eamon's room in the Arl of Redcliffe's Estate. The Warden can speak to him there about the Grey Wardens and Duncan. He will also mention the Grey Warden Vault, which contains high quality equipment and other items, and will mark it on the Warden's map.

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Origins.

If Alistair is not chosen for The Landsmeet duel, Riordan will appear and suggest that Loghain be recruited to the Grey Wardens rather than executed. Alistair will protest this bitterly.

The night before the Battle of Denerim, Riordan explains to the Warden and either Alistair or the Secret Companion, why the Grey Wardens bear the burden of slaying the Archdemon: the Archdemon's soul will seek out the taint in the nearest darkspawn, reshaping it into the fearsome form of a dragon, essentially making itself immortal. However, if the nearest tainted being already contains a soul--such as a Grey Warden--the two souls cannot coexist in the same body, destroying each other. Being the most senior Grey Warden, Riordan will attempt to take this burden onto himself, but warns that it is a duty that all three of them must be prepared to undertake.

During the Final Battle, Riordan assists the Warden in taking Denerim's gates. After clearing the gates of darkspawn, Riordan tells the Warden that they must split up and find the Archdemon, citing that three Wardens would be too obvious and that he will go alone. Afterwards, he is shown dispatching darkspawn before sensing Urthemiel flying nearby, chasing it once he spots it. Riordan jumps off a tower onto its back, stabbing it several times. After some twists and turns, however, Urthemiel manages to kill Riordan by throwing him off at a great height, but not before Riordan has inflicted a serious wound to its wing, forcing it to land on top of Fort Drakon for the remaining Wardens to finish off.



  • "I am Riordan. Senior Grey Warden of Jader. And you... must be Duncan's last recruit. Yes, you match his description."
  • "Hello friend, it looks as though you're no worse for wear after your stay at Fort Drakon."
  • "I'm glad you made it safely away. I hear Howe's death has brought no small amount of cheer to the city."
  • "Be firm in your beliefs, protect people from their own ignorance, and be as loyal as you can to your brothers, even knowing that you'll share their deaths."
  • "The Joining binds us to the darkspawn. You know this. If you were to forswear your oath and flee today, you'd find yourself in the Deep Roads or the Blight-lands, given time."
  • "We aren't judges. Kinslayers, blood mages, traitors, rebels, carta thugs, common bandits; anyone with the skill and mettle to take up the sword against the darkspawn is welcome among us."
  • "Nothing you have done has prepared you for what you face now."
  • "You never hear music in the sound of a key turning in a lock until you've been imprisoned."
  • "The Archdemon has shown itself. The dragon is at the head of the horde".
  • "It warms my heart to see such courage. But do not hurry to sacrifice your life so."
  • Warden: "Nice moves there, old man."
  • Riordan: Perhaps introductions are in order, if only so you never call me that again."
  • Riordan: Tell me, do you know why the Grey Wardens are needed to defeat the darkspawn?
  • Warden: Because of our skill and ability to sense them?
  • Riordan: If that were so, then any skilled warrior would suffice.


  • Riordan is described in some detail in the toolset. He is a serious man, and a soldier -- one who is accustomed to discipline and used to being in a position of leadership. If circumstances were different, he would be the center of this story, not The Warden, and the one leading the charge against the forces of evil. He is a hero, and one who is determined to do his duty no matter the consequences. In order to stop the darkspawn, some things must be sacrificed, even lives -- but he would prefer to give his own life before he sacrifices someone else's.
  • The corruption within him has reached the point where it is starting to kill him slowly, and he realizes this, so Riordan has decided he would rather die valiantly than slowly and painfully. As a result, he has a certain determined, death wish quality when he speaks -- he is duty-bound to do whatever he can to stop the darkspawn, but a part of him is also glad that he can die while doing so.
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