When this is over, I hope we Mages are given some freedom. After all, isn't the point to change things?

Rion is a player-controlled protagonist in Dragon Age: Inquisition's multiplayer.

Background Edit

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Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Rion was one of the first Mages in the Ostwick tower to take up the flag of rebellion. Horrified by the abuses he saw in Kirkwall, Rion embraced the cause with fervent idealism... and very little sense of its practical costs. His ardor dampened as he saw the rebellion's price measured in lives lost, mage and non-mage alike. Now supporting the call for peace, he went to Haven to await the Divine Conclave's outcome; when the temple was destroyed, his hope for resolution was lost. Rion signed up with the Inquisition; seeing it as the mages' last chance for peace.

Involvement Edit

During the main game Rion is involved in various war table operations. He can also sometimes be seen on the battlements at Skyhold with two other agents, near where Cullen is stationed. He can't be spoken to however.

Quests Edit

Quest icon DAI Upon the Waking Sea

Initial equipment Edit

Weapons DAI-stafficon4-common Inquisition Staff
Armor Apprentice Armor Icon Elementalist's Robes

Abilities Edit

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Note: Not all of these abilities have the same preceding requirements as in single player.


Destruction Skill Set

Destruction Spell Set

Immolate Immolate

Size: 3m
Activation: 35 mana
Duration: 8s
Cooldown: 16s
You unleash a massive explosion, leaving enemies in the area burning in agony.
Immolate Wildfire
Immolate burns hotter and has a shorter cooldown time, allowing you to rain fire upon your enemies more often.

Fire damage bonus: 100% weapon damage
Burning: 75% weapon damage per second
Cooldown reduction: 4 Seconds
Flashfire Flashfire

Activation: 65 mana
Duration: 8s
Cooldown: 20s
You ignite an enemy in searing pain and send them fleeing in panic.
Flashfire Blistering Pain
Flashfire burns brighter and hotter, intensifying the panic the enemy suffers.

Fear duration bonus: 8 Seconds
Conductive Current Conductive Current
Passive The more magical energy you expend, the more damage your spells do.

Damage Bonus: 5% for every 10% missing mana
Magic +3
Stonefist inquistion icon Stonefist
Activation: 50 Mana
Cooldown: 8s
You summon a boulder from the Fade and smash it into your target, sending them flying.

Spirit Damage: 500% weapon damage
Stonefist inquistion icon Shatterstone
Requires: Stonefist
The boulder summoned by Stonefist now explodes on impact, weakening and staggering nearby enemies.

Area of Effect 4 meters
Weakened Duration: 10 Seconds
Control of the Elements icon Control of the Elements
Passive All status effects that you inflict last longer.

All status effects that you inflict last longer.
Magic + 3
Flashpoint Flashpoint
Cooldown: 10s
After you land a critical hit, your next spell doesn't trigger a cooldown period.

Magic + 3
Defiant icon Defiant
Passive The elementalist's dedication to the cause of mage freedom spurs him to fight ever harder.

Cunning + 4
Magic + 5
Wall of Fire Wall of Fire
Size: 6m
Activation: 35 mana
Duration: 20s
Cooldown: 32s
You conjure a flaming barrier that burns and panics enemies that pass through it.
Wall of Fire Lasting Flames
Wall of Fire creates a larger wall, and its flames burn longer on enemies that pass through it.

Size bonus: 3 meters
Damage duration bonus: 4 seconds

Clean Burn Clean Burn
Passive Your spells burn away ambient magic that would otherwise slow down your casting. Every spell you cast shortens your active cooldown time.

Cooldown reduction: 1 Second
Willpower +3
Fire Mine Fire Mine
Activation: 35 mana
Cooldown: 24s
You mark the ground with a glyph that takes a short time to prime. Once it is ready, it will erupt into flame when a enemy crosses it, damaging and staggering the target.
Fire Mine Searing Glyph
Targets hit by the Fire Mine are launched into the air and set aflame, leaving them burning.

Fire damage bonus: 100% weapon damage
Burning: 75% weapon damage per second
Cooldown reduction: 4 Seconds
Death Siphon Death Siphon
Requires: Horror
Every time an enemy dies nearby, you regain both health and mana.

Mana Amount: 20
Health Amount: 10%
Constitution +3
Pyromancer (Inquisition) Pyromancer
Passive You have mastered the summoning of fire, increasing your effectiveness when panicking or burning enemies.

Burning duration bonus: 25%
Fear duration bonus: 25%
Willpower + 3
Stormbringer Stormbringer
Cooldown: 15s
The storm comes to your aid even without your calling it. When you are in combat, lightning will periodically strike a random nearby target.

Electric Damage: 300% weapon damage
Magic + 3
Energy Barrage Energy Barrage

Activation: 50 mana
Cooldown: 16s
You launch a salvo of elemental blasts from your staff that homes in on targets ahead of you.
Energy Barrage Energy Bombardment
Each hit from Energy Barrage lowers the target's resistance to your staff's magic type for a short time.

Distance Bonus: 4 meters
Additional Hits: 2
Firestorm icon Firestorm
Size: 6m
Duration: 15s
Requires: Restorative Veil or Encircling Veil
You summon flaming meteors, raining fire down upon enemies all over the area for the next several seconds. This ability consumes and is powered by focus.

Tier 1: Summon 15 meteors.
Tier 2: Summon 30 meteors.
Tier 3: Summon 55 meteors.


Control Skill Set

Control Spell Set

Winter's Grasp (Inquisition) Winter's Grasp
Activation: 65 mana
Duration: 4s
Cooldown: 16s
You lock a target in a sheet of ice, freezing it in place.
Winter's Grasp (Inquisition) Winter's Chill
Winter's Grasp now damages and chills nearby enemies as well. However, only the primary target is frozen.

Area of effect: 3 Meters
Fade Step Fade Step
Duration: 2s
Cooldown: 12s
You let invisible waves of magic carry you forward, blurring ahead a short distance.
Fade Step Frost Step
Passing through enemies hurts them and leaves them chilled.

Ice damage: 300% weapon damage
Chill duration: 8 Seconds

Peaceful Aura Peaceful Aura
Passive Your aura of tranquillity makes enemies less likely to attack you in battle, even when you damage them.

Threat Reduction: 50%
Willpower +3
Fade Cloak icon Fade Cloak
Activation: 20 Mana
Cooldown: 12s
Requires: Spirit Blade
You surround yourself with the magic of the Veil itself. You are briefly invulnerable and can pass through enemies unharmed.

Briefly invulnerable and can pass through enemies unharmed.
Fade Cloak icon Decloaking Blast
Requires: Fade Cloak
If you rematerialize inside an enemy, the foe is blasted back with massive force.

Spirit Damage: 1,000% weapon damage
Gathering Storm Gathering Storm
Passive You use your staff's energy to fill the area with sympathetic magic. Each basic attack shortens your active cooldown times.

Cooldown Reduction: 0.5 seconds
Magic +3
Winter Stillness Winter Stillness
Size: 3m
Duration: 2s
By standing still, you enter into a meditative state that restores your mana at an enhanced rate and reduces all cooldown times.

Mana regeneration rate bonus: 50%
Willpower +3
Frost Mastery Frost Mastery
Passive You have mastered the calling of cold, increasing your effectiveness when chilling or freezing targets.

Freeze duration bonus: 25%
Chill duration bonus: 25%
Magic + 3
Static Charge Static Charge
Passive You sheathe yourself in lightning while casting spells. Enemies that attempt to interrupt your casting with attacks are struck by arcs that leave them paralyzed.

Electric Damage: 100% weapon damage
Constitution + 3
Lightning Bolt (Inquisition) Lightning Bolt

Activation: 65 mana
Cooldown: 24s
You summon a bolt of lightning that blasts and paralyzes a single target. If other enemies are nearby, the bolt will paralyze the target for longer.
Lightning Bolt (Inquisition) Exploding Bolt
Lightning Bolt does more damage if there are other enemies nearby, and if there are enough close to the striking point, a wave of force will knock back all enemies except for the paralyzed primary target.

Damage Bonus: 200% for every creature within 4 meters
Guardian Spirit Guardian Spirit
Passive A protective barrier springs into place around you automatically when you are badly injured.

Constitution +3
Ice Mine Ice Mine
Activation: 35 mana
Cooldown: 18s
You mark the ground with a glyph that takes a short time to prime. Once it is ready, it will freeze the first target to step on it.
Ice Mine Brittle Glyph
While frozen, the victim of Ice Mine loses all armor protection.

Armor Reduction: 100%
Ice Armor Ice Armor
Passive You draw on cold magic near you to protect you from all attacks. Standing near a frozen enemy or a persistent cold spell reduces all damage you take.

Damage reduction: 50%
Willpower + 3
Chaotic Focus Chaotic Focus
Passive When you cast a Fire spell, the spell consumes half of your barrier to empower it. The larger the barrier consumed, the greater the bonus to the spell's damage.

Barrier bonus: 50%
Magic + 3
Barrier (Inquisition) Barrier
Size: 4m
Activation: 50
Cooldown: 24s
A barrier provides an additional health bar that must be destroyed before the target will take any damage. Barrier is vulnerable to dispel effects.
Barrier (Inquisition) Elegant Defense
You have learned to cast Barrier with a more stable magical pattern. Each time a barrier you have cast expires, the ability's cooldown time is reduced.

Cooldown Reduction: 4 seconds

Veiled Riposte icon Veiled Riposte
Requires: Fade Cloak
Whenever you have a barrier active, enemies who attack you will take damage in return.

Damage Returned: 20%
Magic +3
Strength of Spirits Strength of Spirits
Passive Your barriers draw on the magic of the fade to absorb more energy before depleting.

Barrier Bonus: 50%

Quotes Edit

Main article: Rion/Dialogue
  • “When this is over, I hope we Mages are given some freedom. After all, isn't the point to change things?”

Trivia Edit

  • Rion hates squirrels.
  • If the Inquisitor is a human mage, then Rion and Trevelyan attended the same Circle.

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