Rinnala (also known as "Rinna") was an Antivan Crow who worked with Zevran Arainai and Taliesen. She was one of many bastard children of the Antivan Prince Estefan.

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Dragon Age: Origins.

Rinna was one of Zevran's fellow assassins within the Antivan Crows. She came to House Arainai in 9:16 Dragon through the Azul contract, which required the Houses of the Crows to hide the bastard children of Prince Estefan within their ranks. Zevran came to love her as her beauty and cleverness and skill affected him deeply, in spite of the emotional distance he maintained as a Crow. In fact, Zevran, Rinna, and Taliesen soon became romantically involved with each other during their time as Crows, brought together by working as a unit during their assassinations. As a trio, Rinna handled the planning while Zevran was in charge of seduction and poison and Taliesen was the physical strength of the unit. As their skills worked so well together, they were apprenticed as a single unit.

In 9:28 Dragon, Rinna, being a royal bastard, was said to ally herself with a group known as the Rosso Noche (Red Night) who wanted to put her forward as King Natale's legitimate heir. When Prince Claudio Valisti learned of this, knowing his own house already had another heir in mind, he worked out a deal with Master Eoman Arainai to have her killed in exchange for House Arainai gaining Eighth Talon and Eoman becoming Grandmaster.[1] It is likely this was followed by them planting false evidence against Rinna, which sparked Taliesen's suspicions of her loyalty.

Zevran tells a slightly different story to a Warden with high approval. He says that Taliesen suspected Rinna's loyalties during a mission and convinced him that they should kill her. Zevran agreed, and stated that when she begged him for mercy he claimed to care nothing for her. When the duo returned to their Crow masters to report about their assassination target, they feigned ignorance as to what happened to Rinna. It was then revealed that not only did the masters know about her execution, but that she was in fact innocent. Zevran realized that her unnecessary death was orchestrated to reinforce that both he and Rinna were nothing to the guild, their lives expendable. Taken aback by the turn of events and devastated by what he was party to, Zevran reveals to the Warden that he then took the contract on the Grey Wardens in Ferelden because he wished to die.

Notes Edit

  • Zevran tells the Warden that Rinna was an elf. As Antiva's royal family is human, it's more likely that Rinna was elf-blooded.

References Edit

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