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Ring of Doubt is a unique ring in Dragon Age: Inquisition.





Created by a young Tevinter magister who was forced to wed to a woman with whom he was not enamored. The young magister cleverly enchanted his wedding ring with the power of invisibility, planning to slip away unnoticed as soon as the ring slipped on his finger. Unfortunately, the enchantment spell went awry and doubt of his very existence soon spread. Cursed with fat fingers, the mage was forced to live as a faint shadow of a person. He spent the last of his days pushing books off of cabinets and tripping people to prove his own existence.


  • When combined with armor or weaponry that was made with Fade-Touched Craggy Skin, which increases speed while in stealth by 75%, the controlled character can run indefinitely at speeds significantly faster than a mount. Unlike normal game play, the controlled character moves faster when jumping and/or with their weapon unsheathed. Frequently using the search function while running will keep the character from re-sheathing their weapon.
  • Like Stealth, a character equipped with the ring grants a 50% damage bonus (an equivalent of +100 magic / willpower) when exiting stealth by activating an ability.
  • Both damage bonus and guarantee on critical hits last for 1.5 seconds. Consequently, ranged characters whose abilities may require prime time and/or lengthy projectile animation receive less benefit.


  • This item is one of the winning entries from the "Untold Relics of Thedas" contest held by Bioware.[1]


  • The Ring of Doubt may break companion movement scripts. The affected companion will often stop moving and acting as they normally would, both in and out of combat. They will instead just stand or pace around like in their idle animations and then warp to the controlled character's position once the distance grows too far.
  • The ring may also cause other companions to run around and spread out far past the normal diamond formation. Unequipping the ring and attacking once to break stealth usually fixes the issue.
  • When equipping the ring in tandem with Isana's Song, the staff will not turn invisible along with the character.