The Right of Annulment is the right to purge a Circle of Magi that is ruled irredeemable by ordering the Templars to kill all the mages within a Circle. Divine Galatea first granted it to all the Grand Clerics of the Chantry in 2:83 Glory. However, if there is no Grand Cleric and no immediate successor (Revered Mother) in evidence, Knight-Commanders of the Templar Order has legal authority to use the right.[1]

By the beginning of the Fifth Blight, the right has been invoked 17 times. The right was requested three more times between 9:30 and 9:40 Dragon, and was carried out in at least two of these instances.

According to Fenris the Imperial templars also have option of using this Right, but the line is elsewhere to cross.

Known uses of the Right of Annulment

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