Rifts in the Woods is a side quest in Dragon Age: Inquisition

Active Fade rifts have been spotted in Hafter's Woods.

Acquisition Edit

This quest becomes active after the Forest Camp is set up.

Walkthrough Edit

Close both fade rifts to complete the quest.

1. South-west of the Forest Camp, inside Old Simeon's Cave

  • Level 12-?

2. South-east of the Forest Camp and east of the mercenary fortress, inside a ruined circle of arches

  • Level 12-?
  • Wave 1: Rage Demon (1), Wraith (2 – 3)
  • Wave 2: Rage Demon (1), Shade (5)

Rewards Edit

  • Rifts 1 & 2: 967 XP, 200 Influence, 2 Power

There is no additional reward for completing the quest.

Notes Edit

  • Climb the incline on the north side of the cave to find the letter that begins Hinterland Who's Who inside a nook. The nook is partially hidden by a boulder.
  • There is a Red Jenny's Cache inside the cave just before the fade rift, on the right.
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