I serve king Cailan the dead. Cailan the king of the dead.

Rexel is a Fereldan soldier and a survivor of the Battle of Ostagar.

Involvement Edit

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Origins.

Rexel is the subject of the quest Missing in Action found on the Chanter's Board in the Denerim Market District. He can be encountered in Arl Howe's dungeon, maddened by the darkspawn taint and the torture he has endured. When his cell is opened he reveals that he and some of his brothers in arms survived the battle at Ostagar and they ate darkspawn flesh to keep themselves alive, but left many of their friends in the swamps. When he screams "Witch!", Morrigan (if in your party) wonders if he really met Flemeth or if it's a result of trauma.

The Warden can put Rexel out of his misery and kill him or he can be released from his cell.

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