Revka Amell is a member of the noble Amell family of Kirkwall.

Background Edit

Revka Amell was the niece of Lord Aristide Amell, one of the most powerful men in Kirkwall. In 9:05 Dragon, Revka's cousin Leandra met, and eventually married a mage. Leandra's decision marked the beginning of the end for Amell family power in Kirkwall. In the years after Leandra's leaving, several unfortunate events occurred within the Amell family, chief among them was when Revka's firstborn child was discovered to be a mage. Revka was seen sobbing in the streets, after the Templars took away her child.[1]

After Revka's child was taken away, things only got worse for her and the Amell family. In the year 9:10 Dragon, Revka's aunt Bethann passed away after a second bout with cholera, the next year her uncle Aristide died of the same disease. Sometime after the death of Lord Aristide, Revka's brother Damion was accused of smuggling, and their father Fausten exhausted the family funds attempting to exonerate him. After Fausten had spent everything the Amell family owned, he resorted to borrowing money from The Council of Five, a criminal organization with ties to mercenaries, and the slave trade. Fausten was ultimately unsuccessful and Damion was imprisoned, and Fausten wasted away and died.[2]

Sometime after the death of her father, Revka vanished without a trace. Shortly after Revka's disappearance, her husband took their four remaining children and left Kirkwall to escape the Amell family's many problems.[3][4]

Involvement Edit

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age II.

If Hawke asks their mother about the family history after completing Birthright, Leandra will tell Hawke some of the family background.

She will reveal that Revka had multiple children, and that all were proven to have magical talent, and taken by the Chantry to separate Circles in Thedas.

If the player imports a Dragon Age: Origins save with a human mage origin, the Hero of Ferelden is revealed to be one of Revka's children, and therefore Hawke's second cousin.

Notes Edit

  • Leandra's dialogue in Dragon Age II conflicts with the World of Thedas Volume 2 entry on Revka, which suggests that Revka's husband took their remaining children away from Kirkwall, whereas Leandra indicates that the children were all found to be mages and taken by the circle.
    • It is, however, possible that all of her children were discovered to be mages after leaving Kirkwall with their father.

References Edit

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