This Revered Mother presides over the Chantry in Lothering. She recently took charge of all of Lothering as the local Arl left with Teyrn Loghain. However Ser Bryant still commands the templars in the village.

Involvement Edit

She habitually solicits donations to the Chantry. Giving her money will improve an active Leliana's opinion of the Warden: Approves (+2) for 30DAO silverpiece trans, Approves (+4) for 5DAO goldpiece trans. A donation will also improve future Persuasion attempts on the Revered Mother. If any amount of money is donated, the Revered Mother will also be willing to give her blessings.

She also plays a crucial part in The Qunari Prisoner, as she holds the key to Sten's cage.

Notes Edit

  • If Sten is in your party when you speak to the Revered Mother, she will refuse to give you any information, or carry on a conversation in any way. You must leave the chantry and switch Sten out of your party in order to have a conversation with her.
  • There is an exploit for raising Morrigan's approval when attempting to intimidate the Revered Mother. See The Qunari Prisoner for details.
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