Revere is a war table operation in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Acquisition Edit

Available upon reaching Influence Level 8 if the Inquisitor is a mage with the Necromancer specialization.

Operation text Edit

I was saddened to hear that we lost a party of Inquisition soldiers in combat with the Venatori. As I understand it, the Venatori now pose a significant threat to the area. Our soldiers' deaths will not be the last.

The Venatori will expect retaliation -- but not from those already felled. I could send a few apprentices to the field, in secret. If we lure the Venatori out, the soldiers' physical bodies may complete the task. Why let the Venatori claim more lives? We need not allow them that.

Viuus Anaxas.

Advisor suggestions Edit

Josephine - N/A Edit

Not participating in this mission

Leliana - 3:12:00 Edit

I do not like this... but if it prevents more deaths, maybe we should consider Viuus' plan.

Cullen - 4:00:00 Edit

Absolutely not. I can accept that necromancy is not blood magic, but we cannot do this to our soldiers. They're not even Nevarran.

Result Edit

Leliana Edit

Our work is done. The Venatori who took our soldiers will claim no more lives. At Sister Leliana's request, the soldiers' bodies were granted a proper cremation, in accordance with Southern Andrastian traditions.

—Viuus Anaxas

Cullen Edit

I understand we lost more soldiers, but the Venatori threat has been removed. The Commander has ensured that the soldiers received a proper cremation, in accordance with Southern Andrastian traditions. A pity the respect shown must be so narrow.
—Viuus Anaxas

Reward Edit

Leliana Edit

Cullen Edit

  • 30 Influence
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