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Restocking the Guild is a quest received from The Blackstone Irregulars Quest Board in Denerim. The Irregulars have suffered as of late, and they require some supplies.


Bring 20 Health Poultices to any Blackstone representative.

Note: Lesser Health Poultices will serve just as well, making this quest much less costly to complete.

Warning! The next time you talk to the Blackstone Liaison, if you have at least 20 total health poultices, he will take them from you and give you the reward without giving you a chance to argue, etc. So, be careful not to talk to him until you have enough that you can spare 20.


  • 3Gold 98Silver 0Bronze
  • 175 XP


  • As is the case with lyrium potions in A Gift of Silence/Justice Must Be Served , the quest will accept any 20 health poultices, starting with the least potent in the player's inventory. While the wording of the quest may suggest otherwise, it does not specifically require Health Poultices, thus it is best to have on hand (or brew via Herbalism) at least 20 Lesser Health Poultices prior to handing in the quest, as this will save more valuable recovery items and/or the materials required to craft them (plus the cost in gold to purchase them, if necessary).