Renegade's Coat is Anders' companion armor in Dragon Age II. Its armor rating is level-dependent.

Acquisition Edit

Anders will have Renegade's Coat and Freedom's Call equipped when joining the party during the Act 1 quest Tranquility.

After completing the Act 3 quest Justice, Anders will wear the black version of the coat.

Imshael wears a coat almost identical to the lighter version.

Upgrades Edit

Heavy armor green DA2 Armor Struts (Act 2)
Heavy armor green DA2 Lyrium Weave (Act 2)
Heavy armor green DA2 Spirit Essence (Act 2)
Heavy armor green DA2 Sigil of the Mage Underground (Act 3)

Bugs Edit

pcIcon pcps3Icon ps3xbox360Icon xbox360 The color change is not just a cosmetic, it also removes all rune slots from Anders' armor. This bug can be prevented by getting the Sigil of the Mage Underground upgrade after the color change.

Gallery Edit

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