The Remarkable Amethyst is a gift favored by Shale that grants a base approval boost of Approves (+10) for Shale and Approves (+5) for other companions. It requires The Stone Prisoner DLC for Dragon Age: Origins.

Acquisition Edit

Bugs Edit

Bug icon Bug! As of patch 1.04, if you purchase a remarkable amethyst while having regular ones in the inventory, it may become a regular amethyst or disappear after you exit the merchant screen. If you sell all regular amethysts before leaving the screen, the bug will not be triggered.
Bug icon Bug! As of patch 1.05, even if you avoid triggering the above bug, having the remarkable amethyst in your inventory when choosing to give amethysts to the dwarves via the Allied Supply Crates will result in the remarkable amethyst being given away as well.
Bug icon Bug! In ps3Icon ps3 downloadable version, only Approves (+5) is gained when given to Shale.

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