We're all here because we wanted refuge from the divisions of the world outside. We're all looking for a cause that won't fail us, and comrades we can trust.

Reimas is a former member of the Templar Order recruited by the Grey Wardens. She is tall, with a long, thin, melancholy face with large manish hands and long brown hair.

Background Edit

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Dragon Age: Last Flight.

Reimas' father was secretly an apostate mage. Though he kept his abilities secret, his wife and fellow villager suspected the truth but kept quiet. Eventually, the Templars caught wind of him. Rather than fight or be taken, Reimas' father filled his pockets with stones and committed suicide by walking into a lake. Reimas' mother was then subjected to harsh questioning by the templars as to whether her children possessed magic as well. This incident made Reimas despise the templars, and determined to pick a fight at the drop of a hat. But eventually, she decided to join the Order herself, believing that she'd at least protect other mages from suffering the same fate as her father.[1]


This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Last Flight.

In 9:41 Dragon, Reimas followed Knight-Lieutenant Diguier from Orlais and six other Templars to join the Grey Wardens in order to avoid participating in the Mage-Templar War.[2] They initially went to a a Grey Warden hold in Orlais to join the order but upon discovering it was deserted went to another Grey Warden holdfast which was also inexplicably deserted. Running out of choices, the Templars elected to travel to the headquarters of the Grey Warden order in the Anderfels, Weisshaupt Fortress. Two templars did not survive the journey and another deserted along the way, but Reimas, Diguier and the other Templars reached Weisshaupt and pledged themselves to join the Wardens.[2]

Along with the Apostate Magi and the other former Templars, Reimas found herself stuck at Weisshaupt awaiting her Joining. One day while she was visiting the library, she decided to strike up a conversation with Valya. She related to Valya her history with her father and her reasons for becoming a Templar but Valya remained largely dismissive.[3]

While her fellow former Templars became more reclusive after Knight-Lieutenant Diguier failed to survive his joining, Reimas manages to eventually build a rapport with Valya and the two made a daily ritual of having tea in the gardens. Reimas confesses her belief to Valya that the Templar Order has forgotten its purpose but that she remained hopeful that it could be put on the right path.[3]

Eventually Valya approaches Reimas and asks her if she has ever faced a Blood Mage. Reimas admits that she has and that while she was a Templar she would have had a duty to strike down any "maleficarum". Valya reveals that the Wardens had previously used blood magic against the Darkspawn and asked Reimas whether it was possible to pursue a noble goal with blood magic. Reimas replied that now she was sworn to the Wardens, she possessed the luxury of being able to see "shades of grey" in such matters.[4]

Reimas along with Caronel and a former apprentice mage from the Hossberg Circle of Magi, Sekah, are persuaded by Valya to join her on a mysterious mission to the Red Bride's Grave. Valya explains that the true cause for the Griffons dying out was a result of the taint they were introduced to as a result of being subjected to a modified joining ritual during the Fourth Blight and that the grey warden, Isseya sealed away a large clutch of untainted griffon eggs in the Red Bride's Grave.[5]

After a grueling battle against Skeletons, Shades and an Ash Wraith which costs Sekah his life, the group succeed in recovering the Griffon eggs. After seeing the eggs hatch, Reimas inquires incredulously what they should do with the newborn griffons. Valya replies to her, that they take them home.[5]

Trivia Edit

  • After arriving at Weisshaupt Fortress, Reimas paints over the burning blade of mercy icon on her shield with a simple chevron of blue and grey--the Grey Wardens colours.[6]

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