For the spell in Dragon Age: Origins, see Regeneration (spell).
For regeneration in Dragon Age II, see Combat mechanics (Dragon Age II).

Some items and spells grant bonuses or penalties to "Mana Regeneration" or "Stamina Regeneration". The game's documentation does not make the magnitude of these effects clear.

Exploration and combat regeneration are separate properties. In total, there are four properties related to regeneration, two for health and two for stamina/mana.

Note: Item regeneration is double for xbox360Icon xbox360and ps3Icon ps3compared to the pcIcon pcversion. Furthermore, the regeneration values listed in the following table present both versions.

Exploration regeneration ticks every 3 seconds, while combat regeneration ticks every 2 seconds.

The default values are as follows:

Regeneration Defaults
Combat Exploration
Health 0 10 (scales with level)
Stamina/Mana 1.5 17.5 (scales with level)

Items that give regeneration during combat
Item Health regeneration Stamina regeneration
Ageless 0.25/0.5
Andruil's Blessing 2/4
Archon Robes 0.75/1.5
Armor of Diligence 0.5/1
Battledress of the Provocateur 0.5/1
Cailan's armor set 5
Cailan's Arms 5
Cameo Cowl 0.5/1
Chasind Great Maul 0.5/1
Dalish Leather Belt 0.75/1.5
Dalish Hunter's Belt 0.75/1.5
Dead Coat of Arms 1/2
Destructionist's Belt 0.5/1
Duncan's Shield 1/2
Duncan's Sword 2/4
Evon the Great's Mail 1/2 1/2
Fade Wall 1/2
Heaven's Wrath 1/2
High Constable's Mace 1/2
Lesser Tevinter Robe 0.25/0.5
Lifegiver 3/6
Longrunner's Cap 0.5/1
Magister's Staff 1/2
Malign Staff 1/2
Maric's Blade 0.75/1.5 0.75/1.5
Shadow of the Empire 1/2
Spellweaver 1/2
Staff of the Magister Lord 2/4
Tevinter Enchanter's Robes 0.5/1
Tevinter Mage Robes 1/2
Tevinter Robe 0.5/1
The Felon's Coat 1/2
The High Regard of House Dace 1/2
The Libertarian's Cowl 0.25/0.5
The Rose's Thorn 1/2
The Veshialle 1/2
The Wicked Oath 1/2
Vanguard 1/2
Wade's Superior Dragonbone Plate Armor 1/2
Wade's Superior Dragonbone Plate Boots 0.5/1
Wade's Superior Dragonbone Plate Gloves 0.5/1
Wade's Superior Dragonskin Armor 1/2
Wade's Superior Dragonskin Boots 0.5/1
Wade's Superior Dragonskin Gloves 0.5/1
Wade's Superior Heavy Dragonscale Armor 1/2
Wade's Superior Heavy Dragonscale Boots 0.5/1
Wade's Superior Heavy Dragonscale Gloves 0.5/1
Warden Commander Armor 0.5/1
  • Combat health regeneration is capped at +20.0.
  • If your mana/stamina falls below 50 during combat, the game gives you another +0.5 bonus (total of 2.0). When it falls below 25, an additional +2.5 bonus is applied (total of 4.5).
  • Improved Combat Training grants a 0.5/1 combat stamina/mana regeneration bonus.
  • Modal abilities granting additional bonuses to stamina/mana regeneration rate are: Song of Valor, Stone Aura, Stoneheart, Berserk and Combat Magic.
  • Spells granting bonuses to stamina/mana regeneration rate are: Rejuvenate, Mass Rejuvenation, Spellbloom.
  • Items granting bonuses to stamina regeneration are: Mabari Crunch and Double-Baked Mabari Crunch.
  • The values noted are per second (the game adjusts for the regeneration tick rate).
  • Stamina regeneration simultaneously with mana regenaration, affect the total mana regeneration property in the Arcane Warriors.
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