Regenerating Burst is Shale's talent from the Stoneheart tree in Dragon Age: Origins.

Information Edit

  • Area of effect is a 6m radius self-centered sphere.
  • Deals 40*(1 + 0.01*[strength-10]) damage and stuns for 5s, unless enemies pass a physical resistance check vs. Shale's strength, in which case they are knocked back.
  • Provides Shale +55 + 1.2*[level-1] health regeneration (limited to the global cap of +20) for 10 seconds.
  • Conjuration time: 3s.
  • This talent draws 20 threat from the target(s).
  • Upgrades Stoneheart, providing the following additional bonuses whenever that mode is active:
    • +3 armor
    • +5% elemental resistance
    • +3/+6 health regeneration
    • +3/+6 stamina regeneration

Notes Edit

  • Activation base is in stamina and values vary with fatigue%.
  • Regenerating Burst damage is affected by Shale's strength only.
  • Visual effect radius is a bit larger (~8m) than the actual effect radius.

Bugs Edit

  • Enemy hostility increasing passive bonus for Stoneheart is not implemented.

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