Circle mages have pledged their allegiance to the Chantry. It's blood mages who are the opposition.

Regalyan D'Marcall, also known as Galyan, is a Circle mage from the White Spire circle in Orlais. He is a humorous gentleman with a sharp mind, who specializes in healing magic.

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Dragon Age: Dawn of the SeekerEdit

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Dragon Age: Dawn of the Seeker.

Galyan is one of Seeker Byron's confidants. Galyan agrees to meet with Byron to collect Avexis and return her to the Circle of Magi. However, when Galyan arrives, he finds Byron dead and is taken prisoner alongside Cassandra Pentaghast. They escape, and Galyan brings Cassandra to a Circle safehouse, only to find its occupants massacred. Galyan and Cassandra receive a tip from a survivor to seek out Lazarro, an elf informant who has helped Galyan in the past. Cassandra and Galyan travel to Lazarro's hut and interrogate the elf after he attacks them. Lazarro confesses to betraying Cassandra and Galyan to the blood mages, who plan to attack the Ten Year Gathering in Val Royeaux. Lazarro's hut is torn apart by an enthralled ogre, and Lazarro is killed. Ogres and golems controlled by blood mages surround Cassandra and Galyan. An orge injures Cassandra's leg during the fight, but Galyan uses a flash vial to help them escape. They are cornered by templars led by Knight-Commander Martel while fleeing. Cassandra throws herself and Galyan off a cliff, falling into the river below.


Galyan protects Cassandra

Galyan helps Cassandra into a cave for shelter and he treats her wound. Cassandra tells Galyan that blood mages killed her brother, and confesses that she sees little difference between blood mages and the Circle. Galyan expresses sorrow for what happened to Cassandra's family. The next morning, Galyan camouflages himself and Cassandra in the cave as the templars investigate. Martel orders his men away and pulls out an Elven stone. Cassandra ambushes Martel and discovers that he is in league with Frenic, the leader of the blood mages. Cassandra is too weak to put up a fight, forcing Galyan to collapse the cave.

Galyan sends a message by dove to First Enchanter Edmonde as he and Cassandra arrive just outside the Seeker's fortress. Galyan and Cassandra use a secret entrance to meet with High Seeker Aldren and explain their side of the story. They show the elven stone as proof, and the High Seeker promises to bring the matter to the Divine. As Aldren exits his office, he is murdered by Martel, and Galyan and Cassandra are blamed.

Martel reveals his plans to Galyan and Cassandra while visiting them in the dungeon. Martel explains that Frenic will use Avexis to command high dragons to attack the Chantry. Galyan voices his suspicion that someone among the Grand Clerics is helping Martel. Cassandra demands to know the identity of Martel's co-conspirator, but Martel refuses to answer.

Circle mages rescue Galyan and Cassandra just before their executions. Alte reveals that the Circle was secretly trailing Martel and discovered clandestine meetings with Grand Cleric Callista. Cassandra duels Martel and maims him. She offers him mercy, but he attacks her while her back is turned. Cassandra saves herself by beheading Martel.

Cassandra and Galyan race to stop Frenic's attack. Cassandra slays the dragons and rescues the Divine, and Galyan saves Avexis from Frenic. Frenic attacks Galyan with a blood magic spell, but Circle mages arrive and put up a magical barrier. Frenic kills Callista and reveals that he merely used Callista so he could destroy the Chantry and allow mages to rule once more. Frenic transforms into a massive pride demon, impervious to the Circle mages' attacks. Galyan wakes Avexis to have her summon a dragon to help defeat Frenic. Cassandra finishes off the abomination by striking him in the head.

Galyan and Cassandra attend a ceremony held in honor of their bravery. Galyan is promoted to the rank of Enchanter, and Cassandra is named the Hero of Orlais and crowned the Right Hand of the Divine.

Dragon Age: Inquisition Edit

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Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Galyan is mentioned to have been a representative for the mages at the conclave at the Temple of Sacred Ashes and is among those killed when The Breach occurs, destroying the Temple and those gathered there.

If the male Inquisitor pursues a romance with Cassandra Pentaghast, she will mention Galyan as being the only other person she had been in a romantic relationship with.

Additionally, if Cole and Cassandra are in the party, Cole may ask her who Regalyan is, and will say she was just reminiscing about him.

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  • "Contrary to common belief, not all mages wish to see the Chantry deposed. Those of us within the Circle seek only to be treated with equal dignity and respect. I do my part to help ensure our efforts are not undermined by the actions of a few."
  • "I am so sorry, Cassandra. It is true that both Circle and blood mages are mages. Our methods may differ, but there's no denying we practice a common art. And as a mage, I would like to express my sorrow. What happened to your brother was truly something horrendous."
  • "Cassandra, you are the bravest person I've ever met. And the most beautiful."

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