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Red lions are giant felines native to the Frostback Mountains.

Description Edit

One of the famed predators of the Frostbacks, red lions are massive felines capable of bringing down cavern bears. They have no fear of the various tool-using species, consuming them as readily as anything else they can catch in the mountains. Red lions are usually longer than ten feet and typically weigh well over 600 pounds. Their pelts are a luxurious russet with grey-and-black striping, and are greatly prized by the dwarves of Orzammar.[1]

Red lions are more than clever enough to wait until a group of people are distracted or scattered before attacking. If one leaves the group or looks otherwise vulnerable, the cunning predator strikes.[1] The red lion attacks at a stunning rush, seeking to swiftly break its prey’s neck and drag the body off at hideous speed to feed elsewhere.[2]

This animal is perhaps best known for its unnatural speed. They move at a near blur, attacking from different directions, dodging behind trees only to double back and charge out unexpectedly, only retreating if seriously injured; if it is simply driven off without sustaining any injuries, then it will continue stalking its prey from afar.[3]

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