Red Water is a side quest in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

A small group of Inquisition soldiers were dispatched to investigate a Dwarven port on the Storm Coast that is currently being held by red templars. The port gives the red templars a foothold in the region. The soldiers have cleared the way to storm the port.

Acquisition Edit

Unlocked by completing the Red Templars on the Storm Coast War table scouting operation.

Walkthrough Edit

Note: As the group will face many Red Templars (and 4 of the Red Lyrium deposits for the Seeing Red companion quest), the Inquisitor may want to bring Varric along for some incidental approval. Solas is also recommended, as the group will come across one of the Elven Artifacts he senses (see the Measuring the Veil quest).

Head to the Red Templars stronghold marked in Storm Coast, north-west of Driftwood Margin Camp: the gate that used to be locked is now open. Follow the linear path through the cave, along the shore on the other side, and into the stronghold, destroying one of the Red Lyrium deposits along the way. Before you enter the fortress cave there are two boats where you should see a lootable carcass that contains the Red Templar Key (a necessary item to proceed further on other side quests), make sure you grab it.

The path will seem to end at the claimable Daerwin's Mouth landmark. Backtrack to the last corner before the landmark to find a breach in the northern wall. That passage leads to a larger cave with two two-story buildings, patrolled by Red Templars. From the lower level, a door leads to a passage ending in a broken bridge (a Red Lyrium deposit and an Elven Artifact are located here). Continue through the upper level, where another breach in a wall inside the separate room leads to a suspended bridge instead. On the other side of the river, descend the stairs and check the broken bridge route for another Red Lyrium deposit.

The path opposite the broken bridge leads to a larger cave on a shore. Defeat the last group of Red Templars to complete the quest.

Note: in the cave where you complete the quest, there is a Red Lyrium deposit, and a row boat granting access to Dragon Island.



  • Once the quest is completed, a new landmark appears on the map. It is labelled the same as the landmark found earlier in the quest, Daerwin's Mouth. The claimable landmark uses the Point of Interest map icon, while the one unlocked at the end of the quest uses the Town icon, meaning it can be fast-travelled to.
  • Access to Dragon Island via the Row Boat at Daerwin's Mouth.

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