The Red Templars are a splinter faction of rebel Templars, who have become addicted to the use of the so-called "Red Lyrium".


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Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Following the disappearance of Lambert van Reeves, Lucius Corin succeeded him as Lord Seeker and led the Templar Order in the Mage-Templar War.

Lord Seeker Lucius, replaced by a Envy demon pawn by Corypheus, introduced Red Lyrium to the templars, claiming that it was superior to Chantry lyrium. Thinking that red lyrium was just another tool, the templars followed the Lord Seeker's order. The commanders of the Templar Order became corrupted and began corrupting the rest of their subordinates, by force if necessary. Soon, physical changes began to emerge and red lyrium veins appear to manifest on the skin of those exposed. Thus the Red Templar order was born under Corypheus's control.


Dragon Age: Inquisition

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Inquisitor recruits the Mages:

After the mage rebellion is freed from the control of the Venatori, the Red Templars attack Haven under the command of Corypheus.

Inquisitor recruits the Templars:

At Therinfal Redoubt, the templars' use of red lyrium is revealed, in addition to the fact that Lucius Corin had been supplanted by an Envy demon. The Inquisitor defeats the demon, and can choose to either ally the Inquisition with the surviving templars or disband the Order itself and conscript them; either outcome prevents the templars from continuing to use red lyrium. The Venatori then replace the Red Templars as Corypheus' army during the attack on Haven.


  • Red Templar
  • Red Templar Marksman
  • Red Templar Shadow
  • Red Templar Horror
  • Red Templar Commander

Known Red Templars


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