Red Jenny Says "Drop and Grab" is a war table mission in Dragon Age: Inquisition.


Speak to Sera.

Note: This operation cannot be completed after moving to Skyhold

Operation Text

I can make no sense of this. The Herald found her—perhaps he can advise?


A letter from Sera follows:

For your big-hats,

Lord whoever says you’re rubbish.

His servants don’t care, but could.

Drop a few things for them,

They’ll give Josephine a surprise.

I think scrolls or something.


A scribble of heraldic symbols and directions are below. Also Sera’s name thirty-seven times.



The papers we received from Sera’s “friends” document a Lord’s sabotage of a rival’s marriage. Quite the scandalous affair. Very useful in plying our influence.

Leliana, Cullen

Mischief, not malevolence. The servants involved were dismissed, and we’ve a minor reward for the effort.


Josephine: 30 Influence, Sera Slightly Approves

Leliana/Cullen: Gold, Sera Slightly Disapproves

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