Red Jenny Attends a Party is a war table operation in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Acquisition Edit

Becomes available upon completing Sera's companion quest The Verchiel March.

Operation text Edit

Surely the Inquisitor cannot be a part of such things. It seems a base prank to intentionally disrupt such an affair.

A memo from Josephine, written on a letter from Sera:

This guy is a special prick.
Swats his people around,
Thinks his sovereigns pay for it.
Embarrass him at his own party
And you please a dozen people.
People with keys and little else.


A date and time are scribbled below. Also an Orlesian mask, with other masks for eyes.

Advisor suggestions Edit

Josephine - 1:36:00 Edit

It is trivial to ensure we are represented, but should we encourage such base behavior?

Leliana - 2:00:00 Edit

Lights out. Not murder-just let them stumble in darkness.

Cullen - 2:00:00 Edit

A small training exercise outside will disrupt the event.

Result Edit

Josephine Edit

The report is scandalous -- A dowager threw a pie! Red Jenny is somehow credited, but we have received a number of keys to caches of smuggled goods. None of the nobility are objecting, lest they be forced to claim it as theirs.

Leliana Edit

It appears our detracting Lord found shame in the dark, thanks to a scandalous laugh. Also, blind-fetes are now the rage. Can Red Jenny claim that? Orlais remains Orlais.

Cullen Edit

How do I best describe it? Our noble target was angered by the distraction of our soldiers and, in an attempt to regain attention, accidently stabbed a revered mother in the hat. Somehow Red Jenny is the assumed benefactor, but we have received several propositions from witnesses to the events.

Rewards Edit

All advisors

  • Gold (75-120)
  • DAIApproval Sera Slightly Approves
  • Unlocks the operation Red Jenny and the Bad Goods once the Inquisition reaches Level 5 and has captured at least one keep.
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