Red Jenny: Inquisition Needs Beeees! is a war table operation in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Acquisition Edit

Available once the Inquisitor recruits Sera.

Operation text Edit

I do not know how someone would come to this idea, but I can see the use. It is a large area to search, however.

A memo from Josephine, written on a note from Sera:

Know what ruins a party? Bees.
I know a man who teaches how
to jar them safe but angry.
Stingy, no good for honey,
but great for throwing!
He’s somewhere south.

Sera has scribbled a jar of bees hitting someone in the face. Also a butt.

Advisor suggestions Edit

Note: The time listed is the time it takes with no agents.

Josephine - 0:29:00 Edit

I can send runners among the banns. If this weapon can help, it will be found.

Leliana - 0:29:00 Edit

If he's peddling them to fighting forces, my people will find the trail.

Cullen - 0:23:12 Edit

It's too large an area to cover. Bounty hunters are a simpler bet.

Results Edit

All advisors

We have received weapon plans and located an apiary to supply us. When the idea was presented, the beekeeper tented his fingers and sneered, “Of course!” Quite disturbing.

Rewards Edit

All advisors

  • Jar of Bees recipe icon Jar of Bees Grenade Recipe
  • DAIApproval Sera Approves
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