Red Jenny's Stashes is a side quest in Dragon Age: Inquisition

Sera's contacts have tipped her off about the locations of various stashes, hidden around the palace by nobles for other nobles. They're ripe for the picking.

Acquisition Edit

If you have Sera in your party during Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts, you can ask her in the ballroom if her contacts have any information. She will tell you that there are several stashes of items hidden around the Winter Palace.

Walkthrough Edit

Sera wants you to find 3 hidden stashes around the Winter Palace. It is required to empty the stashes for completion of the side quest. For a slight approval increase, make sure to talk to Sera after looting all three stashes.

Guest Wing Garden Edit

  • In the room with cobwebs within the Guest Garden (near where you eavesdrop on the nobles).

Servant's Quarters' Garden Edit

  • In the garden area of the Servant's Quarters, in the South-Western most corner. From the fountain go south, take the west path, follow it to the end and then go south to find the stash next to some Embrium.

Lower Garden Edit

  • Go through Lower Garden Door, through the building and down to the garden. The stash is behind the vine fence opposite from the three Council members.
    Coin bench and RJS lattice

    Lower Garden Red Jenny Stash is behind the lattice behind the bench.

Rewards Edit

DAIApproval Sera Approves for every stash you open.

Random loot found in each stash chest.

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