Red Grace is a unique greatsword in Dragon Age II.

Acquisition Edit

Found in a chest at the end of the Tal-Vashoth Cavern during the Act 1 quest Blackpowder Promise.


  • This weapon is the same model as the two-handed sword a warrior Hawke uses at the start of the game during Varric's interpretation of what happened when the Hawke family was running from the Blight in Ferelden.
  • It is also a similar model to the Summer Sword from Dragon Age Origins.
  • If Elemental Weapons is active while this weapon is equipped, the visual effect from the spell will supersede this weapon's built-in +4 fire damage in the floating damage values. It is unclear if this affects the actual damage, but because the strength of the spell's enchantment is based on 10% of the affected weapon's damage, this would reduce the blade's DPS, even if the caster's staff is fire element. This applies to all weapons with a built-in secondary elemental damage bonus.
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