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This page contains recipe ID codes for Dragon Age: Origins.

Herbalism recipes Edit

ID Craft ID Craft ID Craft ID Craft
2 Lesser Health Poultice Recipe 7 Health Poultice Recipe 18 Greater Health Poultice Recipe 90 Potent Health Poultice Recipe
11 Lesser Lyrium Potion Recipe 22 Lyrium Potion Recipe 31 Greater Lyrium Potion Recipe 91 Potent Lyrium Potion Recipe
1 Mabari Crunch Recipe 6 Double-Baked Mabari Crunch Recipe 14 Lesser Elixir of Grounding Recipe 34 Greater Elixir of Grounding Recipe
12 Lesser Ice Salve Recipe 32 Greater Ice Salve Recipe 15 Lesser Nature Salve Recipe 35 Greater Nature Salve Recipe
27 Lesser Spirit Balm Recipe 36 Greater Spirit Balm Recipe 13 Lesser Warmth Balm Recipe 33 Greater Warmth Balm Recipe
16 Lesser Injury Kit Recipe 28 Injury Kit Recipe 37 Greater Injury Kit Recipe 89 Dwarven Regicide Antidote Recipe
5 Incense of Awareness Recipe 4 Rock Salve Recipe 17 Swift Salve Recipe

Trap-Making plans Edit

ID Craft ID Craft ID Craft ID Craft
79 Acidic Grease Trap Plans 68 Acidic Trap Plans 85 Soulrot Trap Plans 72 Mild Lure Plans
82 Interesting Lure Trap Plans 87 Overpowering Lure Trap Plans 67 Spring Trap Plans 80 Poisoned Caltrop Trap Plans
65 Small Caltrop Trap Plans 66 Small Claw Trap Plans 64 Small Grease Trap Plans 73 Small Shrapnel Trap Plans
70 Large Caltrop Trap Plans 74 Large Claw Trap Plans 69 Large Grease Trap Plans 83 Large Shrapnel Trap Plans
71 Mild Choking Powder Trap Plans 86 Choking Powder Cloud Trap Plans 81 Choking Powder Trap Plans 75 Mild Sleeping Gas Trap Plans
84 Sleeping Gas Trap Plans 88 Sleeping Gas Cloud Trap Plans 76 Fire Trap Plans 77 Freeze Trap Plans
78 Shock Trap Plans

Poison-Making recipes Edit

ID Craft ID Craft ID Craft ID Craft
41 Acid Flask Recipe 42 Acidic Coating Recipe 39 Venom Recipe 43 Concentrated Venom Recipe
54 Adder's Kiss Recipe 63 Quiet Death Recipe 44 Crow Poison Recipe 56 Concentrated Crow Poison Recipe
40 Deathroot Extract Recipe 45 Concentrated Deathroot Extract Recipe 55 Demonic Poison Recipe 62 Concentrated Demonic Poison Recipe
47 Magebane Poison Recipe 59 Concentrated Magebane Recipe 46 Soldier's Bane Recipe 58 Concentrated Soldier's Bane Recipe
48 Fire Bomb Recipe 51 Flaming Coating Recipe 49 Freeze Bomb Recipe 52 Freezing Coating Recipe
50 Shock Bomb Recipe 53 Shock Coating Recipe 60 Soulrot Bomb Recipe 61 Soulrot Coating Recipe
57 Fleshrot Recipe
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