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For the specialization, see Reaver (Origins), Reaver (Dragon Age II), and Reaver (Inquisition).

“Behold... the blood of the dragon, drawn from the beating heart of a wyvern. Drink in the strength of a thousand generations.”

Calenhad Theirin drinking dragon's blood (alleged; based on the Qunari account of his life)

Reavers are warriors who unlock powerful abilities through the ritual drinking of draconic blood. It is believed that like blood magic, humanity learned how to harness this ability through Demons.


Reavers are warriors who have unlocked a new level of control over their bodies. They command this untapped energy from deep within blood and bone. The Reaver path however is a double edge sword. The Reaver specialization trades pain for strength, by channeling their own life force into raw power and stealing the life from their foes. Reavers terrorize their enemies, feast upon the souls of their opponents and become more powerful as they begin to die. It is not so easy, however, to learn this gift, as it comes from the ritually prepared blood of a dragon.[1] Alternatively, wyvern blood may be used instead of a dragon's to achieve the same effect in the Reaver ritual.

Known reavers[]

The Reaver tarot card

Codex entries[]

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  • When Kolgrim hands the Warden the potion that unlocks the specialization, he states that the potion was made of wyvern blood, not dragon - although he may have simply used the word as a synonym. However, given that the wyverns are lesser cousins to dragons, it is possible that all species within the Dragon family are capable of unlocking reaver skills.
  • If the Inquisitor becomes a Reaver then Cassandra informs them the Pentaghast family used to be known for their Reavers. According to legend, the Reavers developed dragon-like attributes and terrible tempers, often killing their entire families. The tales may be exaggerated, but she considers it likely the stories are based on truth. Nyree, a reaver, is able to adopt a frightening appearance with dragon like qualities, suggesting there is some truth to the stories.
  • The term "reaver" is an archaic term for one who despoils, plunders, bereaves, or takes with violence. This may be a reference to both the taking of another life or flesh or the sacrifice of one's own, as described in game.

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