Razikale, the Dragon of Mystery, was one of the Old Gods, ancient draconic beings said by the Chantry to be imprisoned underground by the Maker for usurping His worshipers.



The sixth archdemon

Razikale is the Tevinter Dragon of Mystery. Worshiped by the Tevinter Imperium of old like his brothers, he is an enormous draconic figure of immense power but has yet to be corrupted by the darkspawn taint. Following the defeat of Urthemiel in the Fifth Blight, he appears to be the next Old God in line to be transformed into an Archdemon.

As the Dragon of Mysteries, it is unknown as to what extent his ancient powers can reach (which would be ironically fitting) besides the typical fire breathes and winged flight in addition to controlling an entire army of darkspawn (if successfully corrupted).

Dragon Age: Inquisition

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Inquisition.

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Corrupted Mystery

Razikale appears have been raised by Corypheus, following the latter's aquisition of a powerful orb from the Dread Wolf. The newly reborn archdemon subsequently helps his new master to attack the village of Haven in Corypheus's attempt to obtain the Anchor from the Herald of Andraste. Strangely enough, inspite of being raised by ancient darkspawn emissary, Razikale does not appear to have started the 6th Blight as evidenced by the apparent lack of any darkspawn in Corypheus's army.

Later on during the attack at Skyhold, Razikale is seen again attacking the fortress on Corypheus's whim.


  • The name may be a reference to "Raziel" an Archangel, and guardian of heavens's Mysteries.
  • He is the second Archdemon to make a physical appearance in the Dragon Age series after Urthemiel.
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