Forgive me, I'm not used to being this high up.

Rat is a young female surface dwarf.


She doesn't seem to have been on the surface for very long as she's nervous of how high Skyhold is located, a common fear that underground dwarves have with the sky. If the Inquisition employs Sutherland and use him for various operations, he will recruit Rat as his squire and a member of his company.


When the operation A Crew of Adventurers is completed, Sutherland's company goes missing. Rat was given a map and told to come see the Inquisitor if anything goes wrong. The Inquisition may then find and rescue the company in the Storm Coast.


Quest icon DAI Sutherland and Company Missing (Part VII)
Quest icon DAI Sutherland and Company Missing
Quest icon DAI A Company of Heroes (Part VIII)

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