Forgive me, I'm not used to being this high up

Rat is a dwarven squire of Sutherland, and a member of his mercenary company.


See Sutherland and Company for more.

When A Crew of Adventurers is completed, Sutherland's company go missing. Rat was given a map and told to come see the Inquisitor if anything goes wrong. The Inquisition finds and rescues the mercenaries.


Quest icon DAI Sutherland and Company Missing (Part VII)
Quest icon DAI Sutherland and Company Missing
Quest icon DAI A Company of Heroes (Part VIII)


  • She was most likely hired when Sutherland made contact with the Miner caste during A Crew of Ambassadors.
  • She doesn't seem to have been a surface dwarf for very long as she's scared of how high Skyhold is located.
  • Her nickname comes most likely from her overbite and the gap in the teeth, which makes her mouth appear to be rat-like.
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