Enlightenment requires submission to wisdom. You will submit.

Rasaan is a Qunari tamassran.

Background[edit | edit source]

Rasaan serves directly under the Ariqun and was long ago chosen as the Ariqun's eventual successor. This is the reason behind Rasaan being known as such, rather than being known by her role in the Qun of Tamassran: one of the meanings of "Rasaan" is "chosen heir." The name "Rasaan" also translates to "emissary."[1] One of Rasaan's most prominent duties is to accompany the Arishok on expeditions to advise the Arishok as to the 'will of the Qun'.

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Dragon Age II.

While the Arishok was stranded in Kirkwall and unwilling to call for aid from Par Vollen, Rasaan was stranded in the Qunari city of Qunandar, unable to perform her duties. Since a new Arishok was chosen in 9:34 Dragon, Rasaan has been at his side almost constantly. She was most recently seen in the fortress of Akhaaz in Seheron, where the Arishok is said to amass a force of dreadnoughts.[1]

Involvement[edit | edit source]

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Dragon Age: Those Who Speak[edit | edit source]

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Dragon Age: Those Who Speak.

Rasaan is aboard one of the Qunari dreadnoughts that are attacking Isabela's ship on its way to Seheron. Rasaan gives orders to take the enemy prisoners. She subsequently interrogates Isabela on Seheron.

During Isabela's initial interrogation, Rasaan asks Isabela if she knows what qamek is. When Isabela tells her that she does not know about qamek, Rasaan counters that she knows Isabela is lying. Rasaan re-iterates that qamek is used to free men and women who are beyond redemption, and Isabela will submit as well, one way or another.

Rasaan asks Isabela to reveal her true name. When Isabela refuses, Rasaan reminds her of the crimes she has committed against the Qunari, and that were they human, Isabela would have been executed. In between demanding Isabela's real name, Rasaan probes Isabela about her past, and how she came to be as she is. As Isabela's past is revealed, Rasaan comforts her, and tells her that it is not too late for redemption, that inside Isabela is a woman who fights against injustice and struggles to make things right.

Rasaan fighting against Isabela

This angers Isabela, who tells Rasaan that the Qunari are butchers, causing Rasaan to strike her and force her toward the qamek. Rasaan says, "Then let all your names be erased. The Qun welcomes you." Isabela breaks free of Rasaan's grip and renders Rasaan unconscious. A guard enters the cell, and Isabela escapes while stealing the guard's dagger in the process. An injured Rasaan awakes and tells the guard to find Isabela and inform the Arishok. The other Qunari guards think Isabela will try to escape, but Rasaan knows that Isabela will try to free her crew first.

Rasaan catches up with Isabela outside the cell holding her crew. Enraged, Rasaan calls Isabela an animal, wrestles her to the ground and attempts to kill her. Eventually Isabela gains the upper hand, holds Rasaan down as she reveals her real name, Naishe, and moves to stab Rasaan. Instead, Isabela drives the dagger into the ground next to Rasaan's head and spares her. After freeing the crew, Isabela attempts to lock Rasaan into a cell as more Qunari arrive. It ultimately proves unnecessary, as King Alistair brokers an alliance with the Arishok. Isabela privately admits it was satisfying to see Rasaan squirm.

Dragon Age: Tevinter Nights[edit | edit source]

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Dragon Age: Tevinter Nights.

Genitivi Dies in the End

In search of Fen'Harel's true name, Rasaan goes to an ancient elven library that "fell" in the Deep Roads when Arlathan did. She finds Brother Genitivi, Philliam, a Bard!, and (Formerly) Sister Laudine already there looking for answers about the elven pantheon. She captures them and questions them on their true names. She also reveals that her Antaam is in Tevinter unofficially. During the interrogations, Laudine reveals herself as a mage, which enables the humans to escape. Rasaan gives chase across the Silent Plains but is unable to catch them. To hide from her, the three scholars start circulating false accounts of their demises once safe in Rivain.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • "The Qun tells us, 'To call a thing by its name is to know its reason in the world. To call a thing falsely is to put out one's own eyes.' We have names—they are chosen carefully."
  • "Mistakes can be corrected. There is a place for you."

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Rasaan is the first female of the qunari race to be encountered in the Dragon Age series. She is the second female qunari overall, however, as Tallis was introduced earlier.

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