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Rare Ironbark is a side quest located in the Dalish Camp. Varathorn laments the fact that he has no Ironbark with which to make first class weapons.

Talking to Varathorn in the Dalish Camp triggers this quest. He will tell the Warden about the elven craftsmanship of old, and will mention that if he had ironbark, he would be able to make a weapon of comparable quality.


The ironbark is located in the West Brecilian Forest, by a fallen tree over a river near the northern exit to East Brecilian Forest (the location of the iron bark is marked on the map). Retrieve it and bring it back to Varathorn. Varathorn will ask whether a breastplate or a bow is preferable; it is possible to persuade him to make both-- see "Rewards" below.

Try to complete this quest before you enter the Lower Ruins; after reaching the werewolves' lair, you might not be able to finish it (depending on decisions you make during Nature of the Beast).


Your reward will depend on how you respond to his offer to make you an item:

  1. Ask him to make a bow: Wolf-Killer.
  2. Ask him for a breastplate: Varathorn's Armor.
  3. Ask for neither: Varathorn's Amulet.
  4. Ask for both the bow and breastplate:
    1. Persuade him to make both items.
      • Bug! In the dialogue with Varathorn, the first two Persuade choices are identical.
      • If this succeeds you can sell both for 3Gold.
      • If this fails and Clan Attitude is not low then he offers to make you either item. Instead you can tell him to keep the wood; he gives you 4Gold.
    2. If you tell him to do it or he doesn't get the wood then he tells you to keep the Ironbark. If you talk to him again he does not mention the Ironbark.
    3. If you tell him he's right he offers to make you either item. Instead you can tell him to keep the wood; he gives you 4Gold.
Name Damage
Critical chance Armor penetration Strength modifier Runes Enhancements Notes
Requires: 28 dexterity
8.40 1.40% 7.20 1.00 0 pcpc+4 damage vs. undead
pcpc+8 damage vs. beasts
ps3ps3xbox360xbox360+6 attack
This item is crafted by Varathorn after completing the Rare Ironbark quest.


Name Armor
Fatigue Runes Enhancements Notes
Varathorn's Armor
Requires: 30 strength
8.92 8.75% 0 +3 armor
+20% nature resistance
+25 stamina
Rewarded by Varathorn after completing the Rare Ironbark quest.

Name Enhancements Acquisition
Varathorn's Amulet +20% nature resistance
-1 constitution
Crafted by Varathorn for the player if you refuse the other items he wishes to make for you from the Rare Ironbark you collected in the West Brecilian Forest

Clan attitude[]

This quest gives opportunities to affect the Clan Attitude global variable, which is a measure of the clan's approval of you.

  • Upon giving Varathorn the ironbark and being asked which item you would like crafted from it, choosing the option, "Neither. I'm sure your clan needs it more than I do." increases Clan Attitude.
  • A check against the existing value of the Clan Attitude variable is made when choosing the option, "I think both would be more appropriate." followed by, "You wouldn't have any wood at all if not for me, remember?" :
  • If Clan Attitude is high, a Persuade level of 3 is required for success (Improved Coercion is enough).
  • If Clan Attitude is medium, a Persuade level of 6 is required for success (Improved Coercion is not enough).
  • If Clan Attitude is low, Varathorn will respond, "Then keep your wood if it will do you so much good!" Replying, "Then you don't get anything at all." at this point decreases Clan Attitude.


  • When accepting the quest from Varathorn he claims he can make either a blade or a breastplate out of the Ironbark; however, the possible rewards for this quest are a bow or a breastplate instead.