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“And so it comes to me at last. Soon I shall see the land through your eyes, creature. You shall be mine, body and soul.” ―rage demon from the Harrowing

Rage demons are one of the most common types of demons encountered; they are fueled by and attracted to rage, but are ultimately simpler and less devious than their kin.


Encountered in the Fade, the true form of a rage demon is a frightening sight: a thing of pure fire, its body seemingly made of amorphous lava and its eyes two pinpricks of baleful light radiating from its core. The abilities of such a demon center on the fire it generates. It burns those who come near, and the most powerful of its kind are able to lash out with bolts of fire and even firestorms that can affect entire areas.

Fortunately, even powerful rage demons are less intelligent then most other varieties. Their tactics are simple: attack an enemy on sight with as much force as possible until it perishes. Some rage demons carry over their heat-based abilities into possessed hosts, but otherwise the true form is mostly seen outside of the Fade when it's specifically summoned by a mage to do his bidding.

—Transcript of a lecture given by Vheren, Templar-Commander of Tantervale, 6:86 Steel[1]

Since a spirit's power derives from the complexity of its host concept, rage demons are among the weakest of malicious spirits. Anger is a simpler emotion than envy or desire, so its avatars are accordingly simpler. Rage demons rarely resort to deceit, as demons of those aforementioned types often do, opting instead to assail its target with as much force as possible until it perishes.


Dragon Age: Origins[]

Notable rage demons[]

Shah Wyrd


Broken Circle Broken Circle
The Harrowing The Harrowing
Lost in Dreams Lost in Dreams
Soldier's Peak Soldier's Peak
Watchguard of the Reaching Watchguard of the Reaching


Apprentice Quarters Apprentice Quarters
Burning Tower Burning Tower
Circle Tower Circle Tower
The Fade The Fade
Soldier's Peak Soldier's Peak

Abilities & Skills[]

Aura of Fire Aura of Fire
Fire Bolt Fire Bolt
Flame Blast Flame Blast
Slam Slam

Greater rage demons also use:

Fire Burst Fire Burst
Inferno Inferno
Fireball Fireball


Rage demons are usually encountered in two varieties: Critter-ranked lesser rage demons and Normal or Lieutenant greater rage demons. Besides having more health and dealing more damage, the latter also possesses several additional abilities. Both types however are immune to Fire damage, but have Cold vulnerability, to the point where a single Winter's Grasp might instantly kill a lesser version at full health. Like all demons, they're immune to stun and knockback/knockdown effects. However, they can be shattered and unlike abominations, they have normal reaction to Nature damage.

A boss-level greater rage demon can be fought at the end of the quest Watchguard of the Reaching. He doesn't gain any new abilities when compared to regular greater rage demons.

The rage demons faced in the Fade can be dealt with effectively in either the Spirit or Burning Man forms, as the Spirit form has Winter's Grasp and the Burning Man form provides immunity to all their attacks.

Dragon Age: Awakening[]


Shadows of the Blackmarsh Shadows of the Blackmarsh


Blackmarsh Undying Blackmarsh Undying

Dragon Age II[]

Rage Demons follow the rogue archetype in Dragon Age II; as such, they slink away to strike at the more vulnerable members of Hawke's party and can even steal Health Potions.


Bait and Switch Bait and Switch
Enemies Among Us Enemies Among Us
Forbidden Knowledge Forbidden Knowledge
Repentance Repentance
Night Terrors Night Terrors


Abandoned Thaig / Hidden Dungeon Abandoned Thaig / Hidden Dungeon
Fenris's Mansion Icon Danarius's Manor (Hightown)
The Fade The Fade
Harimann Estate Harimann Estate (Hightown)
Sanctuary Sanctuary (Darktown)
Wilmod's Camp Wilmod's Camp (Wounded Coast)


Cold: Low
Fire: Normal (Immune on Nightmare)
Electricity: Normal
Nature: Normal
Spirit: Normal

Dragon Age: Inquisition[]

All rage demons in Dragon Age: Inquisition are melee attackers.

Notable rage demons[]

Lord Woolsley


Burdens of Command Burdens of Command
The Ballad of Lord Woolsley The Ballad of Lord Woolsley
The Tomb of Fairel The Tomb of Fairel


Flooded Caves Flooded Caves (Crestwood)
Hinterlands Hinterlands
Hissing Wastes Hissing Wastes

Abilities & Skills[]

Cold Vulnerability
Fire Resistance

Rage demons will occasionally enlarge and gain the following abilities:

Immunity: Physical Effects
Immunity: Fear
Immunity: Asleep
Immunity: Paralyzed
Immunity: Taunted

When the barrier is destroyed, the rage demon will return to its initial size and lose all the immunity bonuses.


Lesser Rage demon
Greater Rage demon
Burning tomb guardian

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  • In Dragon Age: Origins, rage demons rise up from the floor of the room, invisible (and un-targetable until they do so). At death, they always sink back in, with a small black circle of (presumably) their essence appearing during the process. This process leaves no loot on its own, although in some circumstances they will leave behind a small white bag of loot.
  • In Dragon Age: Inquisition, rage demons also sink through the ground and walking over the spot where they were killed often has residual sound effects.

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