Raelnor Hawkwind is the leader of The Blackstone Irregulars, a mercenary group. He seeks to retain the honorable practices of the Irregulars. However his son Taoran, who is also the Second-in-Command, is more ambitious and supports the group's efforts to resume their unlawful and shady activities as they had been in his grandfather's days.

Involvement Edit

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Origins.

In a letter obtained from the Blackstone Liaison, the Warden can be hired to kill Raelnor, who is opposing Taoran's plans for the Irregulars. Should the Warden accept the letter, A Change in Leadership quest is activated.

Raelnor along with five of his men are located in the Denerim Market District. You can either fight him or talk to him first. If you prefer to talk with him, he will tell you about his son Taoran. Then you'll have the option to pursue the fight with him, accept his offer to kill his son for the same reward or walk away from the situation altogether.

If you remain loyal to Taoran, Raelnor Hawkwind and his men will be killed.

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