Your friend asks why I would not seek greater glory for my nation? There is no glory in extinction.

Radonis is the ruling Archon of the Tevinter Imperium. Radonis succeeded Archon Davan in 9:29 Dragon[1]. Radonis is cunning, politically well-versed and a powerful mage. Allegedly, he has a soft spot for cats.


Dragon Age: Magekiller

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Dragon Age: Magekiller.

Radonis uses his Slave Flavius to lure the famous mage assassin Marius, and his handler Tessa Forsythia, back to the Tevinter Imperium. As Marius and Tessa arrive to hunt their presumed target, they suddenly find themselves flanked by a cohort of Altus mages and Radonis himself, who announces that they will now discuss whom Marius is going to kill on Radonis' behalf.

Radonis reveals that he has discovered the plot of the Venatori and the threat their objectives pose to the Imperium. The Venatori plot to restore the "Imperium of old", but their plan would risk Divine Justinia V would call an Exalted March against Tevinter, thus opening Thedas to another Qunari invasion. However as several of the senior Venatori are Altus Magisters of considerable standing, he risks inciting an uprising if he strikes at them directly. Radonis enlists Marius and Tessa to kill them, so the Venatori threat can be neutralized while leaving no evidence leading back to Radonis. Three of the four targets are assassinated successfully, however Marius refuses to kill Calpernia and he and Tessa flee the Imperium with Venatori aid. Radonis sends multiple teams of assassins to murder the pair in retaliation.

Radonis battle

Radonis traps Marius and Tessa using his magic

Dragon Age: Inquisition

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Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Radonis requests the aid of the Inquisition in removing a Venatori cohort operating along the Tevinter Imperium's border with Nevarra, feeling that the presence of Inquisition troops operating so close to the border would be less provocative than the Imperium's own legions.

Josephine Montilyet mentions that Radonis opposes Corypheus because the darkspawn magister represents a threat to his power.


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