Qunari Prayers for the Dead is an item in Dragon Age: Origins, restricted to Sten. It requires the Feastday Gifts and Pranks DLC.

Acquisition Edit

It is originally a gift, purchased from Bodahn Feddic. It will become a functional item upon giving it to Sten.

Uses Edit

Sten recites the same prayer that he did while he was in his cage in Lothering. When he does, any fallen party members are revived in combat.

It can be used via the potions section of the radial menu, and can be used multiple times in a battle. Note that if you let Sten read the entire passage, the fallen character(s) will revive with more health and stamina or mana. In other words, if you interrupt the cutscene it will reduce the health and stamina or mana of the revived character(s) will receive upon revival.

If three characters are dead and revived with it, two of them will receive full recovery while the other one will receive reduced recovery.

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