Qunari Bench is a throne available as a Skyhold customization item in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Throne Acquisition Edit

Accessories Acquisition Edit

  • Accessories for the Qunari Bench can be obtained by completing the Hissing Wastes Resources war table operation. Each completion provides a rare chance to obtain one throne accessory in addition to the normal crafting material or herb awarded. The operation is repeatable.

Throne Accessory I Edit

  • Adds extra wood detail to the back of the throne.

Throne Accessory II Edit

  • Adds incense burners on both sides of the throne.

Notes Edit

  • The Inquisitor's sit animation for the bench is the exact same as for all other thrones. Thus all Inquisitors, including Qunari Inquisitors, do not hunch over the bench as the Arishok did here in Dragon Age II.

Gallery Edit

Qunari Bench no accessories

Bench with no accessories

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