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This page consists all the quests that are available in Dragon Age: Origins.


City Elf Origin City Elf Origin
Dalish Elf Origin Dalish Elf Origin
Dwarf Commoner Origin Dwarf Commoner Origin
Dwarf Noble Origin Dwarf Noble Origin
Human Noble Origin Human Noble Origin
Magi Origin Magi Origin

Main quests[]

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Joining the Grey Wardens Joining the Grey Wardens
Tainted Blood Tainted Blood
The Grey Wardens' Cache The Grey Wardens' Cache
After the Joining After the Joining
The Tower of Ishal The Tower of Ishal
Lothering and the Imperial Highway Lothering and the Imperial Highway
Broken Circle Broken Circle
The Arl of Redcliffe The Arl of Redcliffe
Nature of the Beast Nature of the Beast
The Urn of Sacred Ashes The Urn of Sacred Ashes
A Paragon of Her Kind A Paragon of Her Kind
The Landsmeet The Landsmeet
The Battle of Denerim The Battle of Denerim

Companion quests[]

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Alistair's Family Alistair's Family, While in Denerim seek out Alistair's sister, Goldanna.
Flemeth's Real Grimoire Flemeth's Real Grimoire, Flemeth still holds her true grimoire. Return to Flemeth's Hut, without Morrigan, for a final confrontation.
Leliana's Past Leliana's Past, Marjolaine has sent assassins to kill Leliana. Head to Denerim to settle the score for good.
Oghren's Old Flame Oghren's Old Flame, help Oghren win over Felsi, who works at the Spoiled Princess.
The Sword of the Beresaad The Sword of the Beresaad, Follow the trail of clues to find the current owner of Sten's sword.
Wynne's Regret Wynne's Regret, Ask Sarel (with Wynne in your party) about Aneirin, and travel north, just past the Mad Hermit's campsite to find Aneirin.
A Golem's Memories A Golem's Memories, After A Paragon of Her Kind, talk to Shale to find out where they came from.

Side quests[]

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Premium content[]

Soldier's Peak Soldier's Peak, Explore the peak to relive the darkest hour of the Grey Wardens that has been kept secret for generations.
Ancient History Ancient History, Collect all four chapters of The History of Grey Wardens in Ferelden and recite the Warden's Oath in front of Asturian's Portrait.
Sulcher's Pass (quest) Sulcher's Pass (quest), Meet the merchant, Felix de Grosbois, and purchase a golem control rod.
The Golem in Honnleath The Golem in Honnleath, Attempt to rescue Amalia for Matthias, in order to obtain the correct activation phrase for Shale.
A Golem's Memories A Golem's Memories, Travel to, and explore, Cadash Thaig to help Shale regain her memories.
A King's Confidant A King's Confidant, Revive Elric Maraigne to find the location of the key he has hidden to the king's arms chest.
Return to Ostagar Return to Ostagar, Your memories of the battle at Ostagar will haunt you for years to come. The time has come for you to return to Ostagar and exact your revenge upon the darkspawn.

Ico DLC.png

Feastday Gifts, The Satinalia feastday has arrived, purchase gifts for you friends, lovers, or traveling companions.

Ico DLC.png

Feastday Pranks, The Satinalia feastday has arrived, purchase pranks to use on your friends, lovers, or traveling companions.

Chanter's Board[]

Brothers and Sons Brothers and Sons, Determine the status of the conscripts of Company Easthill by traveling to Battlefield and locate a soldier's diary.
Caravan Down Caravan Down, Investigate the fate of a caravan, and return with news.
Desperate Haven Desperate Haven, Assist a group of refugees fleeing the darkspawn.
Jowan's Intention Jowan's Intention, Bism wishes you to investigate the whereabouts of the blood mage, Jowan.
Loghain's Push Loghain's Push, Loghain's troop movements have been made public. Investigate the status of Loghain's troops.
Skin Deep Skin Deep, Collect nine samples of corpse gall. If, by chance, you have an abundance of corpse gall, the Chantry will pay extra for them.
Unintended Consequences Unintended Consequences, Investigate a creature that has been slaughtering merchants.

Brecilian Forest[]

Cammen's Lament Cammen's Lament, Cammen is still seen as a child, help Cammen's relationship with Gheyna.
Elora's Halla Elora's Halla, Diagnose Elora's Halla to determine if it has contracted the werewolf blood curse.
The Elven Ritual The Elven Ritual, Perform the steps engraved on the earthen tablet to open a secret passageway.
Lost to the Curse Lost to the Curse, Athras's wife, Danyla, was infected with the werewolf blood curse. Bring back news on her current condition.
The Mage's Treasure The Mage's Treasure, Collect all the pieces to the Juggernaut armor that Magister Harach has hidden.
Rare Ironbark Rare Ironbark, Seek out the rare Ironbark from a fallen tree in the West Brecilian Forest, and return it to Varathorn.
Wounded in the Forest Wounded in the Forest, Deygen is wounded, assist the elven hunter.

Ico Quest.png

The Arcane Warrior, The last elven arcane warrior imprisoned himself in a life gem. In exchange for freedom, he offers you the secrets of the Arcane Warriors.

Circle of Magi[]

Five Pages, Four Mages Five Pages, Four Mages, Collect the spurious documents that Beyha Joam used to scheme four mages, and track down Beyha to put an end to his ways.
Summoning Sciences Summoning Sciences, Summon and defeat the biggest creatures that the Circle mages allow their apprentices to manipulate.
Watchguard of the Reaching Watchguard of the Reaching, Find six apprentices' notes in order to summon and defeat the creature in the Reaching.


Before the Landsmeet[]

Pearls Before Swine Pearls Before Swine, White Falcon mercenaries are making a scene at The Pearl; escort the mercenaries off the premises.
The Crimson Oars The Crimson Oars, The Crimson Oars mercenaries are disturbing the customers, guide the mercenaries to the door.
Friends of Red Jenny Friends of Red Jenny, Deliver a small painted box to a mysterious door that's past the Wonders of Thedas.
Back Alley Justice Back Alley Justice, Put an end to the criminal districts in Denerim.
Drake Scale Armor Drake Scale Armor, Acquire drake scales for Master Wade to craft you fire resistant armor.
Dragon Scale Armor Dragon Scale Armor, Bring the dragon scale to Master Wade for an even stronger fire resistant armor.
Forgotten Verses Forgotten Verses, Take the ancient encrypted scrolls found in the library of the Ruined Temple to Sister Justine.
Honor Bound Honor Bound, In Denerim, Ser Landry recognizes you and considers you a traitor. Settle the dispute in a civil manner.
The Last Request The Last Request, Fulfill Ser Friden last request, by ridding blood mages that reside in the Deserted Building.
Unbound Unbound, Gaxkang is hiding in the Quaint Hovel, avenge those lost travelers who were seeking Gaxkang for adventure.
The Trial of Crows The Trial of Crows, By completing the assassination contracts given by Master Ignacio, the Crows will finally leave you alone. All of them except Master Taliesen.
Crime Wave Crime Wave, Help Slim Couldry give back to the community by pickpocketing a few marks and burglarizing a few homes.

During the Landsmeet[]

Captured! Captured!, You've willingly surrendered to Ser Cauthrien to avoid any further misunderstandings, only to be sent to a prison in Fork Drakon and stripped of all of your belongings. It's time to escape through sheer force, or by waiting for your companions to arrive.
Missing in Action Missing in Action, Locate Rexel, whose gone mad and is imprisoned in the Arl of Denerim's Estate dungeon.
Tortured Noble Tortured Noble, Oswyn, kidnapped and tortured, is located in the Arl of Denerim's Estate dungeon.
Lost Templar Lost Templar, In the cells behind Howe, Irminric can be found. After going through Lyrium withdrawal, he only wishes for his sister, Alfstanna, to receive his ring.
Something Wicked Something Wicked, Help Ser Otto subdue the haunting and the supernatural forces at work in the elven orphanage.
Hearing Voices Hearing Voices, Deliver the "deranged beggar" her grandmother's worn amulet that can be found in a chest in the room where you finally defeat the demon in the elven orphanage.
Fazzil's Request Fazzil's Request, Master Fazzil of the Guild of Free Sailors was robbed of money and a sextant by foreigners. Go to the Run-Down Apartments to locate his sextant.

Favors for Certain Interested Parties[]

Correspondence Interruptus Correspondence Interruptus, Seek out love letters from illicit lovers for "R".
Solving Problems Solving Problems, Some business dealings have gone wrong. Help out by disposing of the bodies in the well by the Chantry for unnamed.
Negotiation Aids Negotiation Aids, "K" requests 15 toxin extracts to be delivered to the bartender.
Sign of Safe Passage Sign of Safe Passage, Send a signal arrow for "D's" men to move into Denerim.
Untraceable Untraceable, Gather 10 pieces of Garnet and deliver it to the bartender as an investment for "K".
False Witness False Witness, Three men have "falsely" accused "D". Assist in dealing with the traitors.
Dead Drops Dead Drops, "K" has asked you to deliver some just deserved payments.
Harsh Decisions Harsh Decisions, Resolve the infighting among Denerim's rogues, and ensure that "D" is unopposed.
New Ground New Ground, Settle the discord among Denerim's rogues, and ensure that "K" is unopposed.

Korcari Wilds[]

The Missionary The Missionary, After discovering a letter on the dead body of the missionary Jogby head towards a flooded tower until an archway in the water is reached. Then cross a path made of roots and rubble in the river to reach the chest.
Chasind Trail Signs Chasind Trail Signs, Look for seven hidden trail signs scattered throughout the Wilds to find the old Chasind cache.
Last Will and Testament Last Will and Testament, Missionary Rigby has hidden a lockbox in a campfire. Bring the lockbox to Jetta in Redcliffe Village to fulfill Rigby's final wish.
A Pinch of Ashes A Pinch of Ashes, After sprinkling some ashes you found from the dead soldier on the pile of stones, Gazarath will come forth and you must defeat him. (unmarked quest)


Bandits on the Road Bandits on the Road, Upon entering Lothering you are greeted by a group of bandits whom are trying to swindle you, teach them a lesson.
A Fallen Templar A Fallen Templar, Deliver the amulet from the dead Templar on the bridge to Ser Donall in the Chantry.
The Qunari Prisoner The Qunari Prisoner, Convince Sten to join your group as a way to seek redemption and either pick the lock on his cage or convince The Revered Mother to give you the key.
More Than Just Plants More Than Just Plants, Deliver the lesser health poultices to Elder Miriam to help sick and injured refugees.
A Poisonous Proposition A Poisonous Proposition, Barlin wants to place poison in his traps to keep out the darkspawn and trespassers, but he needs you to craft some venom.
Traps are a Girl's Best Friend Traps are a Girl's Best Friend, Allison has heard that Barlin is setting traps around his land to protect himself from the darkspawn, and she would like you to make some traps for her.
Bandits, Bandits, Everywhere Bandits, Bandits, Everywhere, Clear out the bandits that are on the outskirts of Lothering. (The Chanter's Board Quest)
When Bears Attack When Bears Attack, The Blight has infected some bears to the north of town, protect the townspeople. (The Chanter's Board Quest)
A Last Keepsake A Last Keepsake, Goodwife Sarha has gone missing, locate her remains. (The Chanter's Board Quest)


A Lost Nug A Lost Nug, Boermor is about to quit the nug business. Wrangle up all the nugs you can find in the Commons.

A Mother's Hope A Mother's Hope, Filda would like you to search for her son, Ruck, in the Deep Roads. Ruck can be found at the Ortan Thaig.

An Unlikely Scholar An Unlikely Scholar, Dagna wants to study magic at the Circle of Magi. Speak with Janar about the matter, or head towards the Tower to help Dagna with her cause.

Caged in Stone Caged in Stone, Find and destroy a dangerous prisoner in the Royal Palace. (unmarked)

Exotic Methods Exotic Methods, Lady Broden is the victim of an assassination gone wrong. To save her life you must craft a Dwarven Regicide Antidote.

Jammer's Stash Jammer's Stash, each common box contains three items. Select the cheapest item from each box to receive a key to Jammer's Stash.

Lost to the Memories Lost to the Memories, Orta's house was once recognized as nobles. track down the lost documents in Ortan Thaig to prove her lineage.

Of Noble Birth Of Noble Birth, Mardy gave birth to your child, but since you were exiled, the child is considered casteless. Restore the child's birthright. (only possible for a male from the Dwarf Noble Origin)

Precious Metals Precious Metals, Rogek needs the assistance of a surface dweller to deliver lyrium to Godwin at the Circle of Magi. But it's going to cost you a lot of sovereigns.

Proving After Dark Proving After Dark, speak with the Proving Armsman to take part in some unofficial, illegal Proving matches. (unmarked)

The Chant in the Deeps The Chant in the Deeps, speak to the Shaper Czibor about helping Brother Burkel start a new Chantry in Orzammar.

The Key to the City The Key to the City, collect scrolls that are scattered throughout Orzammar to obtain the Key to the City.

The Shaper's Life The Shaper's Life, Find 3 rune stones and document them in the Memories of the Shaperate. (unmarked)

Thief in the House of Learning Thief in the House of Learning, track down the stolen book for Shaper Assistant Milldrate or finish the black market transaction with Jertrin.

Zerlinda's Woe Zerlinda's Woe, Zerlinda is living in Dust Town because she didn't want to abandon her casteless child. The Warden can help her find a solution to her problem.


An Admirable Topsider An Admirable Topsider, locate the Warrior's Grave in Ortan Thaig, gather the three pieces of Topsider's Blade that are scattered across the Deep Roads, and then return the blade to the grave.

Asunder Asunder, collect three bags of body parts throughout the Deep Roads and place them on the altar in Ortan Thaig to resurrect the Fade beast.

The Dead Caste The Dead Caste, gather the Legion of the Dead armor set throughout the Dead Trenches, and properly activate the Legion of the Dead Relic to gain access to the Dead Caste insignia. Then enter it into the Memories.

The Drifter's Cache The Drifter's Cache, examine four rubble piles in Caridin's Cross to find the location of the cache.

The Gangue Shade The Gangue Shade, carve out the gangue from the Stone. (unmarked)

The Golem Registry The Golem Registry, take a tracing of the registry to reveal the names of the dwarves who volunteered to be sacrificed in the Anvil of the Void.


The Mabari Hound The Mabari Hound, Seek out the Wilds Flower for the Kennel Master to help cure a sick mabari.
The Hungry Deserter The Hungry Deserter, Convince the hungry deserter's guard to give up some of his food to the prisoner. The deserter will then give you the key to the Mages' Chest.

Party Camp[]

Enchantment Enchantment, Ask Sandal to engrave runes on your weapons through enchantment.


A Missing Child A Missing Child, Kaitlyn's brother has gone missing. Search for Bevin in Kaitlyn's house.
Lost in the Castle Lost in the Castle, Owen's daughter, Valena, is still in the castle and he want you to get her out of there.

The Blackstone Irregulars[]

Dereliction of Duty Dereliction of Duty, Several members of the Irregulars have gone rogue, and grabbed a little five-finger discount along the way. Track them down and explain how the Irregulars feel about this.
Scraping the Barrel Scraping the Barrel, After recent casualties, the Irregulars need to recruit fresh blood. Seek out several prospective recruits and inform them of their conscription.
Grease the Wheels Grease the Wheels, In order to ensure the continued smooth operation of the Irregulars, you have to deliver thanks to several hooded couriers around Denerim.
Notices of Death Notices of Death, Deliver death notification letters to the wives of four deceased soldiers.
Restocking the Guild Restocking the Guild, The Irregulars have suffered as of late, and they require 20 Health Poultices.
A Change in Leadership A Change in Leadership, A power struggle has erupted inside the Irregulars between father (Raelnor) and son (Taoran). It is up to you to settle this in a way you see fit.

The Mages' Collective[]

Justice Must Be Served/A Gift of Silence Justice Must Be Served/A Gift of Silence, Solidify the relationship between the Templars and the Collective by delivering ten Lyrium Potions to Knight-Commander Harrith.
Blood of Warning Blood of Warning, Even the accusation of being a Blood Mage, regardless of the truth of the matter, can be dangerous Mark the front doors of all four family being accused of blood magic.
Careless Accusations Careless Accusations, Track down and stop a small group of adventurers from giving false testimony of alleged blood magic.
Have You Seen Me? Have You Seen Me?, A member of the Collective, Renold, has not been seen for quite some time, and there is much consternation. Seek out Renold for the Collective.
Herbal Magic Herbal Magic, The Collective requires 10 Deep Mushrooms.
Justice Must Be Served/A Gift of Silence Justice Must Be Served/A Gift of Silence, Inform Knight-Commander Tavish about the illegal dealings.
Notice of Termination Notice of Termination, Deliver notices of termination to three mage apprentices.
Places of Power Places of Power, In order to conquer death, a member of the Collective requires you to bind four mystical places of power for arcane purposes.
The Scrolls of Banastor The Scrolls of Banastor, Scour Ferelden for five ancient and powerful Scrolls of Banastor. The scrolls contain information pertaining to "dark and terrible" blood magic rituals.
Thy Brother's Killer Thy Brother's Killer, Deal with a group of maleficarum whom are responsible for the death of a fellow mage.