Questioning Beliefs is an Act 3 companion quest for Sebastian in Dragon Age II. It requires The Exiled Prince DLC.

Acquisition Edit

The quest becomes available at 100% friendship or rivalry.

Walkthrough Edit

Hawke overhears Sebastian telling Aveline that Hawke should be the Viscount. Aveline is wearing her casual clothing if she is not an active party member. Sebastian asks Hawke who better serves the Maker: a lay brother or a prince. Regardless of Hawke's reply, Sebastian says the following:


Starkhaven needs me. But I will not leave Elthina to the mercy of those apostates. We must put down their rebellion and solidify the Chantry's hold. Then I can return to Starkhaven with a clean conscience.

Then Hawke can comment on the situation with the mages.


Elthina is risking her life by not deserting her flock. Could I do the same? It's been fifteen years since I lived in Starkhaven. The people there are only a memory to me. Kirkwall, the Chantry - that's real. That's where I belong.

Then Hawke can voice their opinion on the issue once more.

In both cases if Hawke is in a relationship with Anders, Sebastian will express his concern that Anders is dangerous and selfish, and will never put Hawke above his own needs.

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