Questioning Beliefs is an Act 2 companion quest for Fenris in Dragon Age II.

Acquisition Edit

The quest becomes available at 50% friendship or rivalry.


  • When you start Act 2, you will have both this quest and Speak to Fenris active if the amount of approval is high enough. You will always complete Speak to Fenris first. After completing that quest, Questioning Beliefs will trigger the next time you talk to him.
  • This quest can be completed both before and after A Bitter Pill. You can pursue a romance with Fenris in both cases, but the conversations will be slightly different.

Walkthrough Edit

Fenris tells the story of his escape from Danarius. Listening to his story and choosing only diplomatic or flirt (or sarcastic, verified on PC 1.04) responses may net Friendship small Fenris: friendship (+15) or Rivalry small Fenris: rivalry (+15), but frequently glitches such that no friendship or rivalry is gained.

Note: If Hawke is planning on romancing Fenris, this quest is a necessary prerequisite. Also, you cannot romance Fenris if you are already in a romance or if you've flirted with anyone else during their "Questioning Beliefs" quest without ending it. Sometimes, any previous relationship will prevent a romance with Fenris.
Note: The romantic options in this dialogue are what start the romance relationship and grant the Flirtatious achievement (not the conversation in A Bitter Pill).

Note: Completing this quest before A Bitter Pill results in the option to sleep with Fenris when he comes to your home to apologize for his actions in A Bitter Pill. Also, you see Fenris' lyrium tattoos glow in the cutscene. Completing this quest after "A Bitter Pill" results in Fenris propositioning you at your estate the next time you return home.

Choice 1

  • Investigate "You want to discuss it now?"
    • Choice 1
  • Flirt "Tell me anything you like."
    • Choice 2
  • "Then go ahead."
    • Choice 2
  • "Not really./Not interested." Allows you to do the quest at another time.

Choice 2

  • Diplomatic "He abandoned you?"
  • Humorous "Sounds like fun."
  • Aggressive "So it wasn't your choice."

Choice 3

  • Diplomatic "Didn't you want to leave?"
  • Humorous "I can see where this is going."
  • Aggressive "And you refused to go."

Choice 4

  • Diplomatic "What? Why?"
  • Humorous "Old habits die hard?"
  • Aggressive "So much for freedom."

Choice 5

  • Investigate
    • "You didn't stay in Seheron?"
    • "Why didn't you leave earlier?"
    • "You regretted killing them?"
    • "How did you get away?"
  • Diplomatic "Thank you for telling me."
  • Humorous "It's a good story."
  • Aggressive "Danarius should be dead."

Choice 6

  • Flirt "Just friends?" (Friendship path) / "You were saying...?" (Rivalry path) -
    Note: This flirt option doesn't appear if you're in a romance with someone else or you have flirted with and completed another companion's "Questioning Beliefs" quest. Sometimes, you can reload, break off the romance with the other companion and return to complete this Fenris romance later once the other romance has been ended, but it doesn't always work. It may be fixed by sleeping with either Merrill or Anders and refusing to let them move in.
    • Choice 6.1
  • Diplomatic "I agree./You had to tell someone."
  • Humorous "Or too much wine./But you're drunk?"
  • Aggressive "Let's not go crazy./We're not friends."

Choice 6.1

  • Flirt "I'm willing."
  • "This is a little sudden."
  • End romance "Stop right there."
Note: His closing statement will vary depending on your dialogue choices.
Note: If the game believes Hawke to be in a relationship the last option may not appear and the romance scene after A Bitter Pill will not trigger. This may happen after sleeping with Isabela, even if you selected to break the relationship up. PC users can use the console to set the romance flag of the other characters to "Ended"
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