A quest board is a location (or locations) where the Warden or the Warden-Commander can accept various quests on behalf of different organizations.

The Blackstone Irregulars Edit

Main article: Blackstone Irregulars

The Irregulars' boards are in the following locations:

Chanter's Board Edit

Main article: Chanter's Board

Chanters' boards can be found outside the Chantries in the following locations:

The Mages' Collective Edit

Main article: Mages' Collective

The Mages' bags are in the following locations:

Favors for Certain Interested Parties Edit

Main article: Favors for Certain Interested Parties

The only location for this board is with the Bartender at the Gnawed Noble Tavern in the Denerim Market District.

Merchants' Guild Edit

Main article: Merchants' Guild Board

Located in the City of Amaranthine during the events of Awakening.

Blight Orfans Notis Board Edit

Main article: Blight Orfans Notis Bord

Located in the Crown and Lion during the events of Awakening.

Vigil's Keep Edit

The Private handles the Warden-Commander's messages in a board-like manner.

Notes Edit

  • After completing certain quests on the boards, it pays to occasionally revisit them as new quests will appear.
  • Doing enough of these quests can give achievements.
Bug icon Bug! Turning in multiple quests at once will give you the reward for all of them, but only the last of them will show up on feedback.

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