The Queen of the Blackmarsh was once a large dragon, but after her death she returned to the realm of the living as a spectral dragon.

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A generation before the Dragon Age, she settled in the Blackmarsh, terrifying the local villagers. Not wishing any harm to come to their homes, the villagers enacted many futile pre-emptive strikes against her. When it seemed all hope was lost, the Orlesian Baroness that ruled those lands set out and presumably killed the Queen. However, some did not believe it, and rumours circulated that the Baroness was a witch.

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Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening.

In fact, the Baroness used a spell to banish the dragon's essence to the Fade, but the enchantment was imperfect and the bond between spirit and physical body remained. She then ripped the body apart and scattered it about the marsh.[1]

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Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening Edit

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening.

The Queen of the Blackmarsh is inadvertently resurrected in 9:31 Dragon by The Warden-Commander and the Ferelden Grey Wardens by returning all of the scattered dragon bones to the skull on the hill toward the border of the village. Once slain, the Warden-Commander can retrieve the Eldest Dragonbone and have it forged into the powerful weapon, Vigilance by Wade.

Quests Edit

Ico Quest The Lost Dragon Bones
Ico Quest Worked to the Bone

Strategy Edit

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Drops Edit

In addition to the 950 XP received the first four items below are guaranteed.

Ico armor robe Spellminder
Ico helm cloth Toque of the Oblivious
Ico amulet Rough-Hewn Pendant
Ico ring Earthbound
Ico ring Emerald Ring
Tre ico diamond Flawless Diamond
Ru paralyse master Master Paralyze Rune
Ru slow grandmaster Grandmaster Slow Rune
Ico soulrot bomb Soulrot Bomb
Ico soulrot coating Soulrot Coating
Ico greater ice salve Greater Ice Salve
Shl o fire Small Brilliant Fire Crystal
Ico potent lyrium potion Potent Lyrium Potion
Ico greater lyrium potion Greater Lyrium Potion
Ico greater elix grnding Greater Elixir of Grounding
Ico greater warmth balm Greater Warmth Balm

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Bugs Edit

  • xbox360Icon xbox360ps3Icon ps3 Its possible and quite easy to achieve double experience by killing the dragon amidst a transformation sequence. The current form will count as a kill but not interrupt the process and then the next hit following the completed transformation will result in a second kill and more experience. Some characters may even share the queen as most powerful foe slain following the fight. Is sometimes invisible on Xbox.

References Edit

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