Quarry is a crafting material in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Uses Edit

Locations Edit

Crestwood Edit

Emerald Graves Edit

  • Northeast of Direstone Camp near the Fade Rift.
  • West of Gracevine Camp (slightly north) against the rock wall.

Exalted Plains Edit

Hissing Wastes Edit

  • The first Quarry can be found about half way in between "The Cove Camp" and the "Sand Crags Camp", directly east from the "Logging Camp" underneath two huge overlapping rocks.
  • The second quarry of the Hissing Wastes is in the Shallow Basin just north of the Burial Grounds. It is directly north of the map marker labeled "The Empty Square".

Storm Coast Edit

  • North of the cave entrance to Lyrium Falls, on the east mountain side of long river.

Western Approach Edit

  • Southwest of "Echoback Fort" and south of Echo Back [sic] Canyon Camp, inside a mine entrance located between a rift and an ocularum.
  • Southwest of "Sand Rock Mine"
  • "Shimmerstone Mine"

Notes Edit

  • Unless the "Forward Scouts" Inquisition perk is active, quarries are not marked on the map.
  • Quarries do not show up under search, unlike all other crafting material nodes.

Bugs Edit

  • When you claim another Quarry after having completed A Superior Tower, it may trigger the quest completion and sound again.
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