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'''Punching Down''' is a [[Mage (Inquisition)|Mage]] [[Abilities (Inquisition)|ability]] from the [[Rift Mage]] [[Specializations for the Inquisitor|Specialization]] in ''[[Dragon Age: Inquisition]]''.
'''Punching Down''' is a [[Mage (Inquisition)|mage]] [[Abilities (Inquisition)|ability]] from the [[Rift Mage]] [[Classes_and_specializations_(Inquisition)|specialization]] in ''[[Dragon Age: Inquisition]]''.
== Information ==
== Information ==

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Punching Down is a mage ability from the Rift Mage specialization in Dragon Age: Inquisition.


  • Cost Reduction: 15 mana
  • Weakened Duration: 10 seconds


  • Upgrades Veilstrike
  • Likely named in reference to a phrase Sera often uses when referring to abusive nobles.
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