Pryce is a Fereldan smuggler in Kirkwall.

Background Edit

Pryce takes over Hawke's job as a smuggler after Hawke's first year is over.

Through dialogue Hawke can discover that his father was a farmer, and that both his parents were killed by darkspawn, his mother actually getting into a fight with an Ogre. He lives with his sisters, and works for Athenril to provide for them.

Involvement Edit

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age II.

Pryce is involved in the quest Loose Ends. Pryce will only be encountered if Hawke chooses to join the smuggler Athenril after being detained at The Gallows when first arriving in Kirkwall.

Hawke discovers Pryce as he is being pursued by members of the Coterie. After rescuing him, Pryce reveals that it was a set up and he survived only because he ran away. Hawke then must decide what to do with the goods he is carrying.

Should Hawke give the goods to Pryce, he will send Hawke a letter stating that his sisters have become able maids, and that he has become a shepherd with sheep to start his own flock.

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