Proving Trainer is the lead trainer of the Provings. He teaches duel-style combat to nobles from lower houses without their own trainers, as well as to the best young men from the warrior caste. He can only be encountered during the Dwarf Noble Origin.

Involvement Edit

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Origins.

If the Dwarf Noble decides to watch the Provings held in their honor during The Nobles' Feast quest, the Proving Trainer will approach them during the first fight.

Speaking with him can reveal some of Gorim's background: he was never trained to duel because his father thought it would be a waste as Gorim was pledged to be the Dwarf Noble's second. The Proving Trainer is complimentary of Gorim's knowledge of battle strategies, which Gorim has helped teach.

The Proving Master is eager to gossip about the scandal that occured in the Proving the previous week. He will tell the willing listener that the Grey Wardens were in Orzammar looking for recruits, and that the warrior caste arranged a Proving with the goal that the Wardens would recruit the winner. However, the warrior Everd became drunk upon returning from fighting darkspawn, and a casteless dwarf took his armor, wore it, and won the Proving. The imposter was taken to jail and is assumed to be exiled into the Deep Roads for their affront to the Ancestors. However, the warrior caste is in uproar after the incident, and questions are being raised as to how the casteless dwarf got in, or how they managed to beat the very best of them since the casteless are not considered worthy. This is a reference to the Dwarf Commoner Origin, with the sole exception that the Dwarf Commoner reaches the last round of the Proving (and not wins the competition) before they are apprehended. The Proving Trainer then expresses his interest to venture to the Dust Town and see how the casteless train.

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