The Proving Master oversees the Provings in Orzammar.

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Dwarf Commoner Origin Edit

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Dragon Age: Origins.

The Proving Master is encountered in the origin during Proving Loyalties, where a Honor Proving is being held in honor of the Grey Wardens and Duncan attending as guest of honor. Because Everd passed out drunk in his booth, the Dwarf Commoner donned his armor and impersonated him in the Proving. After winning three matches, the casteless impostor was revealed to the outrage of the Proving Master.

Enraged Proving Watchers

Enraged Proving Master and watchers

Despite Duncan's attempts to reason with him, he had the Warden and Leske arrested for this stunt, only for them to be retrieved by Jarvia and brought to Beraht's hideout. After the duo killed Beraht during their escape, they were cornered by the Proving Master and several guards. At that moment however, Duncan and Rica Brosca appeared, and the Grey Warden formally extended an invitation to his order based on their showing at the arena, much to the Proving Master's annoyance.

Dwarf Noble Origin Edit

When House Aeducan hosts a proving in its honour in order to celebrate the first commission of the Dwarf Noble who is the King Endrin's middle child, there is a different Proving Master overseeing the matches.

A Paragon of Her Kind Edit

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Dragon Age: Origins.

The Proving Master also oversees the Memorial Proving held in the memory of King Endrin and the Warden may participate in it. During A Lord's Trust: The First Task of A Paragon of Her Kind quest line, the Warden must speak with him to compete in the proving Under Lord Harrowmont's name. Note that even if the Warden completes A Prince's Favor: The First Task they can still compete in the Proving independently and dedicate the victory to the Grey Wardens or to Prince Bhelen.

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  • (seeing the Dwarf Noble Warden) "My Lord Aeducan! We heard you were dead. What are you doing here?"
  • (seeing the Dwarf Commoner Warden) "Welcome to-- You! What are you doing here? Did the Grey Wardens realize what a poor choice they made?"

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